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Baseball team and player performance examined realistically and accurately.

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Baseball Links

"Knowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject ourselves,
or we know where we can find information upon it."

—Samuel Johnson

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Not a few of the resources linked below are hard to fit into an exact category, while others fit into more than one category; so, in some cases, we have repeated an entry under multiple categories, and for others the listing category is a best approximation.


Web "portal" pages are, in effect, meta-links: a portal page is one designed as a "doorway" to a great number of related other sites.

Leagues & Organizations

Stats and News

(The Batter's Box site has a very helpful mini-review of baseball-stat sites available.

Large Commercial Current-Stats & News Sources

Most or all of these get their actual stats data from either MLB or Stats, Inc., but you may like the layout and presentation, or the news coverage, of one more than another. Also note that while we list them for having current stats, most or all also have good historical-stats facilities.

Other Current-Stats and News Sources

Not from corporate giants, but often the best around.

Statistics & Other Data
MLB News & Rumors

Specialized or Historical Sources

Historical Stats

There are some awfully nice sites here.

Other Interesting Baseball Sites

Minor-Leagues Stat Sources

Many of the major commercial sites listed above will also have minor-league data; these are simply some supplemental listings.

Baseball-Analysis Theory

Active Sites

Sites No Longer Actively Maintained (But Still Interesting)

Discussion Forums

These are all within the "SB Nation" family of forums.

Real-Time OnLine Scoreboards

Nowadays, more and more people want to watch ballgames—or at least get pitch-by-pitch live recountings—than ever before. That accompanies a dramatic rise in the download speed available to most people now, and a plethora of resources for live coverage is now available.

Subscription (Pay) Coverage

Note that there are numerous online sources that purport to offer free live streaming of baseball (and most other sports) games. Most or all offer links to streams from overseas that are carrying U.S.-based sources; that is probably illegal copyright violation, and we do not list any of them here.

Free Coverage

In addition, FanGraphs has interesting in-game analytic statistics and graphs; it's worth a look.

There is also a set of live minor-league scoreboards available at the official Minor-League Baseball site.



Want detailed, careful, unhysterical analysis of the effects of "Performance-Enhancing Drugs" in baseball? Click here to visit the Steroids & Baseball web site.

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