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Catchers Batting, 2018

2018 Major-League Catchers Batting-Performance Results, Sorted By TOP

Through games of Wednesday, 25 April 2018.
All results are from true, unadjusted data.

Handedness Key:   + R   * L   # S

(You can also look up the stat definitions.)

Batters, listed in TOP order, 2018 results:

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Each name is a click-on link to that man's career stats.
Lopez, Raffy ?PadresC1---------------.000-----1.000.0001.000.00016530
Realmuto, J.T. +MarlinsC30.385.353.846.3332.
Diaz, Elias +PiratesC29.444.455.667.4141.500.069.103.483.6212306
Maile, Luke +Blue JaysC33.414.545.552.3641.333.121.212.485.4851621
Grandal, Yasmani #DodgersC83.324.373.577.2771.783.120.193.398.4941439
Suzuki, Kurt +BravesC68.333.294.596.2791.789.088.059.368.5001438
McCann, Brian *AstrosC61.306.361.469.2461.533.148.180.393.3771323
Cervelli, Francisco +PiratesC77.292.314.554.2471.895.104.156.351.4681252
Rivera, Rene +AngelsC29.308.467.500.2761.625.069.345.345.4481084
Stassi, Max +AstrosC43.270.381.486.2331.800.093.326.326.4191052
Molina, Yadier +CardinalsC90.294.271.541.2781.840.033.122.311.511933
Contreras, Willson +CubsC87.273.333.442.2411.619.069.184.310.391840
Barnes, Austin +DodgersC39.258.333.355.2051.375.179.179.385.282838
Ryan Murphy, John +DiamondbacksC26.240.286.560.2312.333.038.346.269.538785
Barnhart, Tucker #RedsC78.250.319.412.2181.647.128.244.346.359782
Posey, Buster +GiantsC83.280.292.413.2531.476.084.108.337.373768
Wieters, Matt #NationalsC37.194.174.387.1622.
Castillo, Welington +White SoxC57.250.306.423.2281.692.
Zunino, Mike +MarinersC21.200.200.550.1902.750.000.381.190.524690
Sisco, Chance *OriolesC52.255.458.383.2311.500.077.423.308.346684
Sucre, Jesus +RaysC26.333.400.333.3081.
Gomes, Yan +IndiansC57.226.281.434.2111.917.070.316.281.404667
Romine, Austin +YankeesC31.259.350.296.2261.
Iannetta, Chris +RockiesC72.231.283.369.2081.600.097.236.306.333619
McCann, James +TigersC70.242.245.387.2141.600.
Avila, Alex *DiamondbacksC46.179.278.333.1521.857.152.413.304.283610
Sanchez, Gary +YankeesC86.200.190.463.1862.313.
Garver, Mitch +TwinsC22.200.250.400.1822.000.091.318.273.364583
Ramos, Wilson +RaysC66.246.286.361.2271.467.076.167.303.333578
Lucroy, Jonathan +AthleticsC75.254.283.313.2271.
Plawecki, Kevin +MetsC28.
Hundley, Nick +GiantsC38.229.280.371.2111.625.
Freitas, David +MarinersC35.250.364.375.2291.500.086.286.314.343570
d'Arnaud, Travis +MetsC16.200.222.400.1882.000.063.313.250.375561
Severino, Pedro +NationalsC54.239.324.283.2041.
Chirinos, Robinson +RangersC77.167.222.379.1432.273.065.364.208.325527
Caratini, Victor #CubsC36.242.333.333.2221.375.
Pina, Manny +BrewersC45.200.212.300.1781.500.
Gattis, Evan +AstrosC82.205.286.315.1831.533.
Bandy, Jett +BrewersC46.195.269.317.1741.625.022.304.196.283483
Hicks, John +TigersC22.190.231.429.1822.250.045.318.227.409471
Pena, Francisco +CardinalsC7.286.400.286.2861.
Martin, Russell +Blue JaysC64.
Knapp, Andrew #PhilliesC45.200.333.250.1781.250.111.356.289.222444
Mesoraco, Devin +RedsC28.192.235.308.1791.600.
Perez, Roberto +IndiansC30.
Mathis, Jeff +DiamondbacksC29.200.385.240.1721.200.138.414.310.207431
Farmer, Kyle +DodgersC31.
Lobaton, Jose #MetsC25.
Vazquez, Christian +Red SoxC66.
Telis, Tomas #MarlinsC30.214.300.250.2001.
Alfaro, Jorge +PhilliesC52.170.318.234.1541.375.077.462.231.212346
Butera, Drew +RoyalsC51.
Perez, Salvador +RoyalsC8.125.000.500.1254.
Gallagher, Cam +RoyalsC25.
Maldonado, Martin +AngelsC66.
Castro, Jason *TwinsC54.
Ellis, A.J. +PadresC24.
Narvaez, Omar *White SoxC34.
Stewart, Chris +BravesC16.
Holaday, Bryan +MarlinsC36.
Hedges, Austin +PadresC73.
Wolters, Tony *RockiesC40.
Swihart, Blake #Red SoxC18.
Maxwell, Bruce *AthleticsC27.
Nottingham, Jacob +BrewersC7.
Marjama, Mike +MarinersC29.
Centeno, Juan *RangersC30.
Wallach, Chad +MarlinsC33.
Perez, Carlos +BravesC22.
Nido, Tomas +MetsC17.
Joseph, Caleb +OriolesC41.
Leon, Sandy #Red SoxC28.
Montero, Miguel *NationalsC13.

For explanations of unconventional stats, see the Baseball Stats Definitions page.



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