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Catchers Batting, 2019

2019 Major-League Catchers Batting-Performance Results, Sorted By TOP

Through games of Monday, 22 April 2019.
All results are from true, unadjusted data.

Handedness Key:   + R   * L   # S

(You can also look up the stat definitions.)

Batters, listed in TOP order, 2019 results:

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Each name is a click-on link to that man's career stats.
Swihart, Blake #DiamondbacksC11.0001.0001.0001.0001.000.000.0001.0001.00053133
Caratini, Victor #CubsC17.571.7781.000.4711.750.176.235.647.8245084
Garver, Mitch +TwinsC35.424.4291.000.4002.357.057.200.457.9432982
Murphy, Tom +MarinersC24.429.583.857.3752.
Avila, Alex *DiamondbacksC21.333.375.800.2382.400.286.238.524.5712706
Contreras, Willson +CubsC71.321.364.714.2542.
Martin, Russell +DodgersC22.333.333.600.2271.800.227.136.455.4091822
Ryan Murphy, John +DiamondbacksC30.280.308.640.2332.286.167.300.400.5331582
Grandal, Yasmani #BrewersC79.333.362.623.2911.870.101.215.392.5441539
Sanchez, Gary +YankeesC45.268.192.732.2442.727.
Flowers, Tyler +BravesC42.351.522.486.3101.385.071.310.381.4291385
Narvaez, Omar *MarinersC77.304.340.536.2731.762.104.221.377.4811239
Wallach, Chad +MarlinsC29.292.353.458.2411.571.172.207.414.3791164
McCann, Brian *BravesC32.308.304.500.2501.625.156.094.406.4061142
McCann, James +White SoxC41.316.357.526.2931.667.073.195.366.4881126
Castro, Jason *TwinsC29.227.250.409.1721.800.241.172.414.3101052
Severino, Pedro +OriolesC37.265.250.559.2432.
Wieters, Matt #CardinalsC12.400.571.400.3331.000.000.333.333.333987
Smith, Kevan +AngelsC35.267.292.433.2291.625.086.143.314.371920
Alfaro, Jorge +MarlinsC57.283.444.453.2631.600.018.404.281.421905
Chirinos, Robinson +AstrosC62.255.333.490.2101.923.113.290.323.403885
Astudillo, Willians +TwinsC48.295.256.523.2711.769.
Suzuki, Kurt +NationalsC38.265.259.471.2371.778.
Barnhart, Tucker #RedsC53.250.303.364.2081.455.170.189.377.302818
Knapp, Andrew #PhilliesC22.235.400.353.1821.500.227.318.409.273811
Phegley, Josh +AthleticsC54.269.306.500.2591.857.
Ramos, Wilson +MetsC74.292.321.354.2571.
Realmuto, J.T. +PhilliesC89.266.290.418.2361.571.079.180.315.371750
Wolters, Tony *RockiesC52.292.333.417.2691.429.077.115.346.385724
Barnes, Austin +DodgersC64.212.231.346.1721.636.156.188.328.281707
Perez, Michael *RaysC33.250.467.357.2121.429.152.394.364.303691
Romine, Austin +YankeesC36.286.333.400.2781.400.028.194.306.389688
Castillo, Welington +White SoxC48.158.154.342.1252.
Farmer, Kyle +RedsC26.167.067.542.1543.
Swihart, Blake #Red SoxC29.231.278.385.2071.667.
Lucroy, Jonathan +AngelsC73.286.306.357.2741.
Plawecki, Kevin +IndiansC26.182.188.364.1542.
Iannetta, Chris +RockiesC33.207.357.379.1821.833.091.424.273.333611
Kiner-Falefa, Isiah +RangersC39.242.333.273.2051.
Pina, Manny +BrewersC22.222.308.278.1821.
Casali, Curt +RedsC32.267.381.400.2501.500.063.281.313.375594
Posey, Buster +GiantsC74.227.269.364.2031.600.108.176.311.324579
Gomes, Yan +NationalsC52.234.323.340.2121.455.
Vazquez, Christian +Red SoxC56.208.189.491.1962.364.
Hedges, Austin +PadresC54.200.206.400.1852.
Perez, Roberto +IndiansC53.196.259.370.1701.889.113.340.283.321560
Hicks, John +TigersC41.231.308.410.2201.778.
Maile, Luke +Blue JaysC29.192.286.346.1721.800.103.379.276.310523
Zunino, Mike +RaysC56.208.256.396.1961.909.
Molina, Yadier +CardinalsC86.244.253.354.2331.450.
Greiner, Grayson +TigersC57.222.275.315.2111.417.
Butera, Drew +RockiesC8.250.333.375.2501.500.
Stallings, Jacob +PiratesC11.273.375.273.2731.
Sucre, Jesus +OriolesC59.
Kelly, Carson +DiamondbacksC40.211.286.342.2001.625.
Diaz, Elias +PiratesC4.250.333.250.2501.
Jansen, Danny +Blue JaysC63.
Kratz, Erik +GiantsC26.
Maldonado, Martin +RoyalsC68.
Mathis, Jeff +RangersC39.
Cervelli, Francisco +PiratesC71.
Higashioka, Kyle +YankeesC16.200.300.333.1881.667.000.375.188.313239
Mejia, Francisco #PadresC33.
Stassi, Max +AstrosC23.
Freitas, David +MarinersC4.
Hundley, Nick +AthleticsC33.
Gallagher, Cam +RoyalsC18.
d'Arnaud, Travis +MetsC21.
Leon, Sandy #Red SoxC6.
Gale, Rocky +DodgersC10.
Jackson, Alex +BravesC11.
Davis, Taylor +CubsC1.000-----.000.000-----.0001.000.000.0001
Joseph, Caleb +DiamondbacksC9.
Ciuffo, Nick *RaysC1.
Nido, Tomas +MetsC6.

For explanations of unconventional stats, see the Baseball Stats Definitions page.



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