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Catchers Batting, 2018

2018 Major-League Catchers Batting-Performance Results, Sorted By Last Name

Through games of Saturday, 23 June 2018.
All results are from true, unadjusted data.

Handedness Key:   + R   * L   # S

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Batters, listed in Last Name order, 2018 results:

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Each name is a click-on link to that man's career stats.
Alfaro, Jorge +PhilliesC197.243.385.384.2281.578.046.386.274.360597
Avila, Alex *DiamondbacksC121.
Bandy, Jett +BrewersC71.
Barnes, Austin +DodgersC137.
Barnhart, Tucker #RedsC254.265.314.390.2321.475.106.189.339.343762
Baron, Steven +CardinalsC5.200.333.200.2001.000.000.400.200.200214
Briceno, Jose +AngelsC25.375.412.667.3601.778.040.200.400.6401678
Butera, Drew +RoyalsC100.
Caratini, Victor #CubsC69.262.340.308.2461.
Casali, Curt +RedsC25.391.421.652.3601.667.040.120.400.6001701
Castillo, Welington +White SoxC123.267.325.466.2521.742.049.268.301.439802
Castro, Jason *TwinsC74.
Centeno, Juan *RangersC38.
Cervelli, Francisco +PiratesC218.257.290.486.2061.889.142.206.349.3901118
Chirinos, Robinson +RangersC215.197.297.393.1672.000.102.391.270.335678
Contreras, Willson +CubsC272.262.315.422.2281.613.096.191.324.368837
Cruz, Tony +RedsC26.154.214.308.1542.000.000.423.154.308234
d'Arnaud, Travis +MetsC16.200.222.400.1882.000.063.313.250.375561
Diaz, Elias +PiratesC110.297.294.475.2731.600.073.109.345.436949
Ellis, A.J. +PadresC101.337.406.430.2871.
Farmer, Kyle +DodgersC71.238.294.302.2111.
Federowicz, Tim +AstrosC7.
Flowers, Tyler +BravesC119.245.299.398.2021.625.134.227.336.328911
Freitas, David +MarinersC70.217.310.283.1861.308.
Gallagher, Cam +RoyalsC25.
Garver, Mitch +TwinsC151.239.323.341.2191.424.
Gattis, Evan +AstrosC243.247.258.489.2221.981.
Gimenez, Chris +CubsC28.
Gomes, Yan +IndiansC209.249.328.460.2251.851.072.311.297.416782
Gonzalez, Alfredo +White SoxC9.
Grandal, Yasmani #DodgersC248.236.268.435.2061.843.109.234.315.379789
Graterol, Juan +AngelsC11.0001.0001.0001.0001.000.000.0001.0001.00053391
Greiner, Grayson +TigersC42.270.370.351.2381.300.095.262.333.310604
Hedges, Austin +PadresC81.
Herrmann, Chris *MarinersC9.429.600.429.3331.
Hicks, John +TigersC192.279.367.436.2601.560.063.281.323.406787
Holaday, Bryan +MarlinsC75.
Hundley, Nick +GiantsC129.260.296.520.2482.
Iannetta, Chris +RockiesC180.235.298.392.2001.667.128.250.328.333754
Joseph, Caleb +OriolesC99.177.235.313.1721.765.
Kelly, Carson +CardinalsC27.
Kieboom, Spencer +NationalsC38.
Knapp, Andrew #PhilliesC107.194.302.290.1681.500.121.364.290.252492
Kratz, Erik +BrewersC36.303.292.606.2782.
Leon, Sandy #Red SoxC107.240.314.340.2241.417.
Lobaton, Jose #MetsC53.
Lopez, Raffy ?PadresC114.
Lucroy, Jonathan +AthleticsC222.252.298.337.2301.333.077.153.306.306572
Maile, Luke +Blue JaysC128.241.358.393.2111.630.117.328.328.344745
Maldonado, Martin +AngelsC213.246.321.349.2251.417.
Marjama, Mike +MarinersC29.
Martin, Russell +Blue JaysC204.169.198.301.1371.786.167.240.304.245592
Mathis, Jeff +DiamondbacksC88.
Maxwell, Bruce *AthleticsC58.182.214.309.1721.700.
McCann, Brian *AstrosC162.215.236.340.1911.581.
McCann, James +TigersC226.236.283.337.2171.429.
Mesoraco, Devin +MetsC106.228.221.457.1982.
Mesoraco, Devin +RedsC45.220.267.341.2001.556.
Molina, Yadier +CardinalsC186.276.265.506.2531.830.054.140.306.462911
Montero, Miguel *NationalsC13.
Murphy, Tom +RockiesC33.344.579.469.3331.364.030.394.364.455886
Narvaez, Omar *White SoxC125.241.299.339.2161.407.104.192.320.304580
Nido, Tomas +MetsC48.
Nottingham, Jacob +BrewersC7.
Pena, Francisco +CardinalsC88.205.254.301.1931.471.
Perez, Carlos +RangersC44.
Perez, Carlos +BravesC22.
Perez, Roberto +IndiansC99.
Perez, Salvador +RoyalsC237.222.222.412.2071.857.
Phegley, Josh +AthleticsC21.250.333.500.2382.000.000.381.238.476558
Pina, Manny +BrewersC186.224.250.376.2041.684.
Plawecki, Kevin +MetsC80.227.319.333.1881.467.150.238.338.275686
Posey, Buster +GiantsC265.285.308.421.2531.478.094.117.347.374843
Ramos, Wilson +RaysC251.291.337.444.2711.529.068.199.339.414866
Realmuto, J.T. +MarlinsC242.308.347.548.2811.779.062.182.343.5001124
Rivera, Rene +AngelsC59.259.367.481.2371.857.068.356.305.441860
Romine, Austin +YankeesC91.309.344.531.2751.720.099.187.374.4731121
Ryan Murphy, John +DiamondbacksC124.239.270.487.2262.
Sanchez, Gary +YankeesC260.194.197.441.1692.
Severino, Pedro +NationalsC169.
Sisco, Chance *OriolesC141.218.358.328.1841.500.085.355.270.277633
Smith, Kevan +White SoxC46.378.415.422.3701.
Stallings, Jacob +PiratesC3.333.333.333.3331.
Stassi, Max +AstrosC141.260.338.496.2341.909.078.305.312.447909
Stewart, Chris +BravesC16.
Sucre, Jesus +RaysC77.
Susac, Andrew +OriolesC26.
Suzuki, Kurt +BravesC197.282.278.486.2541.720.056.107.310.437898
Swihart, Blake #Red SoxC80.
Telis, Tomas #MarlinsC31.
Trevino, Jose +RangersC8.
Vazquez, Christian +Red SoxC195.
Wallach, Chad +MarlinsC33.
Wieters, Matt #NationalsC76.231.240.385.1971.667.132.158.329.329785
Wilson, Bobby +TwinsC65.
Wolters, Tony *RockiesC119.
Wynns, Austin +OriolesC23.217.333.348.2171.600.000.435.217.348416
Zunino, Mike +MarinersC192.198.267.424.1822.143.052.396.234.391593

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