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Center Fielders Batting, 2017

2017 Major-League Center Fielders Batting-Performance Results, Sorted By TOP

Through games of Thursday, 22 June 2017.
All results are from true, unadjusted data.

Handedness Key:   + R   * L   # S

(You can also look up the stat definitions.)

Batters, listed in TOP order, 2017 results:

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Each name is a click-on link to that man's career stats.
Ceciliani, Darrell *Blue JaysCF5.400.2501.200.4003.
Trout, Mike +AngelsCF206.337.361.742.2672.
Haniger, Mitch +MarinersCF146.320.407.557.2671.744.137.240.404.4661458
Ozuna, Marcell +MarlinsCF305.328.366.595.2951.811.098.210.393.5341404
Blackmon, Charlie *RockiesCF329.328.380.612.2981.867.070.213.368.5561373
Smith, Mallex *RaysCF78.352.444.451.3211.
Zimmer, Bradley *IndiansCF101.303.404.506.2671.667.109.277.376.4461136
Adduci, Jim *TigersCF49.318.424.500.2861.571.102.224.388.4491117
Pham, Tommy +CardinalsCF167.285.333.514.2461.805.108.246.353.4431104
Marisnick, Jake +AstrosCF121.255.309.557.2232.185.074.347.298.4881093
Jackson, Austin +IndiansCF110.301.352.516.2551.714.127.200.382.4361072
Sierra, Magneuris *CardinalsCF35.375.500.375.3431.
Happ, Ian #CubsCF133.246.292.585.2182.379.105.323.323.5191065
Eaton, Adam *NationalsCF107.297.347.462.2521.556.131.168.383.3931033
Rasmus, Colby *RaysCF129.281.368.579.2642.059.054.349.318.5431022
Gomez, Carlos +RangersCF188.267.330.515.2341.932.090.277.324.452979
Bradley Jr., Jackie *Red SoxCF220.266.302.479.2321.804.118.205.350.418972
Cain, Lorenzo +RoyalsCF292.282.317.459.2501.630.103.175.353.408958
Fowler, Dexter #CardinalsCF273.249.272.489.2161.966.121.209.337.425946
Garcia, Leury #White SoxCF197.298.336.459.2741.537.046.173.320.421895
Engel, Adam +White SoxCF34.344.524.406.3241.182.029.324.353.382893
Inciarte, Ender *BravesCF335.308.344.412.2841.337.072.137.355.379841
Pollock, A.J. +DiamondbacksCF163.299.358.455.2821.522.055.178.337.429837
Ellsbury, Jacoby *YankeesCF151.281.321.422.2521.500.086.166.338.377812
Cordero, Franchy *PadresCF84.256.425.462.2381.800.071.417.310.429805
Pederson, Joc *DodgersCF166.226.277.401.1871.774.133.235.319.331799
Span, Denard *GiantsCF213.278.305.434.2581.564.061.127.319.404783
Broxton, Keon +BrewersCF253.236.358.463.2131.963.075.391.289.419774
Jones, Adam +OriolesCF283.269.299.437.2541.625.046.194.300.413764
Kiermaier, Kevin *RaysCF258.258.325.408.2331.583.089.244.322.368763
Goodwin, Brian *NationalsCF86.241.278.494.2212.
Taylor, Michael +NationalsCF210.261.361.467.2481.788.048.333.295.443734
Almora Jr., Albert +CubsCF153.271.315.393.2481.447.085.170.333.359722
DeShields, Delino +RangersCF181.292.418.354.2601.
Lagares, Juan +MetsCF101.269.315.409.2481.520.059.188.307.376703
Santana, Danny #BravesCF72.250.306.456.2361.824.
Dyson, Jarrod *MarinersCF245.249.279.359.2201.444.
Pillar, Kevin +Blue JaysCF308.253.276.407.2341.611.
Margot, Manuel +PadresCF200.259.306.389.2401.500.065.195.305.360660
Bourjos, Peter +RaysCF88.232.291.402.2161.737.
Mahtook, Mikie +TigersCF98.245.288.426.2351.739.
Herrera, Odubel *PhilliesCF293.256.322.408.2421.592.
Marte, Starling +PiratesCF59.241.306.370.2201.538.
Garcia, Willy +White SoxCF73.231.326.369.2051.600.082.315.288.329581
Presley, Alex *TigersCF53.245.297.347.2261.417.075.208.302.321577
Collins, Tyler *TigersCF146.200.275.338.1781.692.110.315.288.301548
Fuentes, Reymond *DiamondbacksCF75.247.309.356.2401.444.
Grichuk, Randal +CardinalsCF181.222.300.377.2041.703.
Eibner, Brett +DodgersCF36.182.286.364.1672.000.056.472.222.333514
Hamilton, Billy #RedsCF301.237.304.308.2191.303.
Buxton, Byron +TwinsCF223.208.299.307.1881.476.090.318.278.278485
Hernandez, Gorkys +GiantsCF141.
Davis, Rajai +AthleticsCF210.215.268.328.2001.524.
Santana, Danny #TwinsCF26.200.250.360.1921.800.038.308.231.346433
Naquin, Tyler *IndiansCF18.235.333.294.2221.
Powell, Boog *MarinersCF34.
Hoying, Jared *RangersCF67.
Jones, JaCoby +TigersCF57.
Nieuwenhuis, Kirk *BrewersCF30.
Revere, Ben *AngelsCF136.
Jankowski, Travis *PadresCF57.
Robinson, Shane +AngelsCF12.
Williams, Mason *YankeesCF9.
Brinson, Lewis +BrewersCF28.
Ervin, Phillip +RedsCF3.
Bautista, Rafael +NationalsCF9.
Martin, Leonys *MarinersCF58.
Alford, Anthony +Blue JaysCF8.
May, Jacob #White SoxCF40.
LaMarre, Ryan +AthleticsCF8.
Burns, Billy #RoyalsCF2.
Thompson, Trayce +DodgersCF8.

For explanations of unconventional stats, see the Baseball Stats Definitions page.



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