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Center Fielders Batting, 2018

2018 Major-League Center Fielders Batting-Performance Results, Sorted By Last Name

Through games of Saturday, 21 April 2018.
All results are from true, unadjusted data.

Handedness Key:   + R   * L   # S

(You can also look up the stat definitions.)

Batters, listed in Last Name order, 2018 results:

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Each name is a click-on link to that man's career stats.
A. Taylor, Michael +NationalsCF78.192.311.247.1791.286.064.359.244.231302
Allen, Greg #IndiansCF1.000-----.000.000-----.0001.000.000.0001
Almora Jr., Albert +CubsCF47.349.400.558.3191.600.085.149.404.5111319
Bader, Harrison +CardinalsCF33.269.353.385.2121.429.152.242.364.3031089
Blackmon, Charlie *RockiesCF74.281.275.656.2432.333.122.230.365.5681453
Bourjos, Peter +BravesCF26.
Bradley Jr., Jackie *Red SoxCF72.222.235.381.1941.714.
Brinson, Lewis +MarlinsCF75.
Buxton, Byron +TwinsCF43.
Cain, Lorenzo +BrewersCF86.301.357.466.2561.545.140.186.395.3951039
Cordero, Franchy *PadresCF39.243.286.514.2312.111.051.333.282.487805
Davis, Rajai +IndiansCF31.
Dyson, Jarrod *DiamondbacksCF50.174.200.326.1601.875.
Eaton, Adam *NationalsCF33.345.320.655.3031.900.091.061.394.5761638
Engel, Adam +White SoxCF52.
Field, Johnny +RaysCF19.
Florimon, Pedro #PhilliesCF12.200.286.300.1671.500.167.250.333.250525
Garcia, Leury #White SoxCF36.219.304.250.1941.
Goodwin, Brian *NationalsCF31.250.385.375.1941.500.161.355.355.290899
Gordon, Dee *MarinersCF83.325.397.413.3131.
Hamilton, Billy #RedsCF70.
Happ, Ian #CubsCF56.212.360.365.1961.727.071.446.268.339526
Hernandez, Enrique +DodgersCF54.239.290.435.2041.818.111.278.315.370709
Herrera, Odubel *PhilliesCF79.338.414.473.3161.400.063.190.380.4431039
Hicks, Aaron #YankeesCF34.296.333.556.2351.875.206.206.441.4411543
Inciarte, Ender *BravesCF90.
Jackson, Austin +GiantsCF58.208.333.226.1901.091.069.362.259.207320
Jay, Jon *RoyalsCF84.
Jones, Adam +OriolesCF92.239.281.398.2281.667.
Jones, JaCoby +TigersCF43.297.333.541.2561.818.070.209.326.4651186
Kiermaier, Kevin *RaysCF48.
Lagares, Juan +MetsCF33.379.407.414.3331.
Lee, Braxton ?MarlinsCF18.176.333.176.1671.000.056.444.222.167226
Margot, Manuel +PadresCF53.
Marisnick, Jake +AstrosCF51.
Marte, Starling +PiratesCF91.278.317.494.2421.773.132.176.374.4291119
Martin, Leonys *TigersCF77.286.333.457.2601.600.091.182.351.416915
McCutchen, Andrew +GiantsCF86.208.236.364.1861.750.
Naquin, Tyler *IndiansCF38.278.360.361.2631.300.053.263.316.342678
Nimmo, Brandon *MetsCF30.333.400.714.2332.
Owings, Chris +DiamondbacksCF59.278.424.407.2541.467.085.339.339.373747
Pham, Tommy +CardinalsCF81.318.396.455.2591.429.185.198.444.3701279
Pillar, Kevin +Blue JaysCF81.303.386.447.2841.478.049.222.333.420850
Pollock, A.J. +DiamondbacksCF78.268.318.620.2442.316.064.295.308.5641034
Powell, Boog *AthleticsCF25.
Robinson, Shane +YankeesCF5.333.500.333.2001.000.400.200.600.2001832
Smith, Mallex *RaysCF64.362.438.483.3281.333.094.156.422.4381275
Smolinski, Jake +AthleticsCF21.
Springer, George +AstrosCF103.239.266.455.2041.905.107.214.311.388793
Stevenson, Andrew *NationalsCF2.
Tauchman, Mike *RockiesCF26.
Taylor, Chris +DodgersCF90.226.271.417.2111.842.
Thompson, Trayce +AthleticsCF7.143.333.143.1431.000.000.571.143.143109
Thompson, Trayce +White SoxCF5.200.000.800.2004.
Tocci, Carlos +RangersCF27.
Trout, Mike +AngelsCF97.309.298.667.2582.
Yelich, Christian *BrewersCF45.342.414.526.2891.538.133.178.422.4441479
Young, Chris +AngelsCF16.250.333.500.2502.000.000.375.250.500655
Zimmer, Bradley *IndiansCF54.250.375.346.2411.385.037.352.278.333517

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