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Center Fielders Batting, 2019

2019 Major-League Center Fielders Batting-Performance Results, Sorted By Last Name

Through games of Tuesday, 18 June 2019.
All results are from true, unadjusted data.

Handedness Key:   + R   * L   # S

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Batters, listed in Last Name order, 2019 results:

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Each name is a click-on link to that man's career stats.
Alford, Anthony +Blue JaysCF3.
Allen, Greg #IndiansCF71.169.213.323.1551.909.
Almora Jr., Albert +CubsCF212.250.270.405.2361.620.
Bader, Harrison +CardinalsCF188.220.296.409.1861.857.117.298.303.346771
Bellinger, Cody *DodgersCF306.355.356.699.2971.967.150.147.448.5851962
Bishop, Braden +MarinersCF24.
Blackmon, Charlie *RockiesCF270.341.367.655.3151.918.056.170.370.6041511
Bolt, Skye #AthleticsCF8.
Bourjos, Peter +AngelsCF46.
Bradley Jr., Jackie *Red SoxCF253.213.276.371.1861.745.
Brinson, Lewis +MarlinsCF81.197.313.263.1851.333.025.346.210.247319
Brito, Socrates *Blue JaysCF43.
Broxton, Keon +MetsCF53.
Broxton, Keon +OriolesCF66.219.355.391.2121.786.030.455.242.379506
Buxton, Byron +TwinsCF225.266.313.527.2441.982.071.227.316.484907
Cabrera, Melky #PiratesCF200.328.358.455.3101.387.050.115.360.430960
Cain, Lorenzo +BrewersCF313.249.290.358.2271.437.
Cave, Jake *TwinsCF56.
Cordell, Ryan +White SoxCF125.202.282.316.1841.565.072.320.256.288470
Cordero, Franchy *PadresCF20.333.556.400.2501.200.200.350.450.3001062
Davis, Jonathan +Blue JaysCF51.
Davis, Rajai +MetsCF7.286.250.714.2862.500.
Daza, Yonathan +RockiesCF19.
Duggar, Steven *GiantsCF267.234.318.343.2171.466.
Dyson, Jarrod *DiamondbacksCF203.260.308.390.2271.500.118.197.345.340808
Engel, Adam +White SoxCF57.212.323.346.1931.636.070.351.263.316536
Fisher, Derek *AstrosCF60.226.289.358.2001.583.117.233.317.317649
Garcia, Leury #White SoxCF267.280.353.376.2621.343.037.228.300.352654
Gerber, Mike *GiantsCF16.
Goodwin, Brian *AngelsCF229.291.356.461.2621.583.083.231.345.415901
Gore, Terrance +RoyalsCF49.273.462.341.2451.250.102.367.347.306711
Hamilton, Billy #RoyalsCF221.
Hernandez, Enrique +DodgersCF256.213.236.391.1911.837.
Hicks, Aaron #YankeesCF113.204.239.367.1771.800.124.248.301.319610
Inciarte, Ender *BravesCF140.218.260.323.1931.481.
Jones, Adam +DiamondbacksCF274.274.284.488.2521.783.055.161.307.449852
Kiermaier, Kevin *RaysCF253.252.293.440.2331.746.067.209.300.407746
Lagares, Juan +MetsCF138.
Laureano, Ramon +AthleticsCF289.265.319.444.2461.676.
Locastro, Tim +DiamondbacksCF92.230.274.338.1851.471.
Margot, Manuel +PadresCF162.237.298.322.2221.361.
Marisnick, Jake +AstrosCF160.240.312.445.2191.857.
Marte, Starling +PiratesCF279.282.314.466.2651.649.
Martin, Jason *PiratesCF38.229.320.286.2111.
Martin, Leonys *IndiansCF254.205.264.354.1851.723.
Meadows, Austin *RaysCF236.314.378.571.2801.818.097.233.377.5081329
Mullins, Cedric #OriolesCF72.
Naquin, Tyler *IndiansCF126.277.361.429.2621.545.048.270.310.405696
Nimmo, Brandon *MetsCF160.200.288.323.1631.615.163.300.325.263638
Pham, Tommy +RaysCF299.298.344.472.2511.587.144.181.395.3981168
Pillar, Kevin +Blue JaysCF17.
Pillar, Kevin +GiantsCF255.240.253.397.2271.655.
Pollock, A.J. +DodgersCF115.223.263.330.2001.478.
Reed, Michael +GiantsCF8.
Reyes, Franmil +PadresCF243.240.246.529.2182.
Robles, Victor +NationalsCF267.234.283.402.2101.714.
Santana, Danny #RangersCF183.304.400.488.2791.608.044.279.322.448914
Smith, Mallex *MarinersCF240.220.285.349.2001.583.
Springer, George +AstrosCF216.308.315.643.2642.
Stevenson, Andrew *NationalsCF15.250.375.250.2001.
Straw, Myles +AstrosCF39.281.360.375.2311.333.179.179.410.308985
Tapia, Raimel *RockiesCF222.262.338.443.2481.691.054.257.302.419712
Tauchman, Mike *YankeesCF118.202.266.385.1781.905.119.305.297.339607
Taylor, Michael +NationalsCF74.224.395.299.2031.333.095.392.297.270455
Tilson, Charlie *White SoxCF119.269.359.343.2441.
Trout, Mike +AngelsCF312.294.301.630.2212.
Verdugo, Alex *DodgersCF227.296.311.458.2641.550.079.110.344.410885

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