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First Basemen Batting, 2019

2019 Major-League First Basemen Batting-Performance Results, Sorted By TOP

Through games of Tuesday, 18 June 2019.
All results are from true, unadjusted data.

Handedness Key:   + R   * L   # S

(You can also look up the stat definitions.)

Batters, listed in TOP order, 2019 results:

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Each name is a click-on link to that man's career stats.
Smith, Dominic *Mets1B105.348.415.562.2951.613.143.190.438.4761540
Freese, David +Dodgers1B131.315.355.622.2671.971.153.206.420.5271530
Freeman, Freddie *Braves1B331.313.330.597.2721.911.118.169.390.5201427
Bell, Josh #Pirates1B312.319.347.656.2822.
Rizzo, Anthony *Cubs1B301.280.267.555.2361.986.113.136.349.4681276
Alonso, Pete +Mets1B301.274.294.624.2392.
Santana, Carlos #Indians1B306.285.307.514.2351.806.170.163.405.4251262
Vogelbach, Daniel *Mariners1B269.253.270.530.2042.
Voit, Luke +Yankees1B313.273.327.512.2271.873.147.252.374.4251212
Cooper, Garrett +Marlins1B146.310.374.488.2741.575.089.226.363.4321136
Canha, Mark +Athletics1B150.231.220.521.1872.
Thames, Eric *Brewers1B184.255.354.497.2121.949.147.337.359.4131081
Cron, C.J. +Twins1B265.277.298.534.2491.924.075.204.325.4791017
Olson, Matt *Athletics1B169.236.261.520.2072.
Belt, Brandon *Giants1B258.241.276.448.1981.863.159.205.357.368937
Austin, Tyler +Twins1B5.2501.000.500.2002.000.200.600.400.400932
Moreland, Mitch *Red Sox1B174.225.204.543.1952.412.121.213.316.471927
Smoak, Justin #Blue Jays1B261.225.232.423.1841.875.165.180.349.345917
Desmond, Ian +Rockies1B239.273.342.505.2471.847.079.264.326.456903
Choi, Ji-Man *Rays1B234.272.318.442.2391.625.094.214.333.389868
Abreu, Jose +White Sox1B304.267.294.516.2471.933.056.234.303.477855
Walker, Christian +Diamondbacks1B278.252.319.476.2271.889.094.281.320.428846
Goldschmidt, Paul +Cardinals1B309.255.306.421.2231.652.113.243.337.369845
Hosmer, Eric *Padres1B306.282.327.439.2581.557.072.199.330.402834
Adams, Matt *Nationals1B130.258.307.532.2462.063.038.315.285.508811
Cabrera, Miguel +Tigers1B262.298.369.396.2671.329.084.210.351.355809
Votto, Joey *Reds1B278.257.326.398.2231.548.119.230.342.345791
Ford, Mike *Yankees1B37.179.235.321.1351.800.216.270.351.243770
Pujols, Albert +Angels1B248.235.215.447.2061.902.097.117.302.391753
Carpenter, Matt *Cardinals1B294.224.269.396.1901.768.136.241.327.337745
Austin, Tyler +Giants1B98.207.302.414.1842.000.112.398.296.367704
Ravelo, Rangel +Cardinals1B2.
Beaty, Matt *Dodgers1B57.291.333.400.2811.375.035.158.316.386685
Cron, Kevin +Diamondbacks1B46.214.240.524.1962.444.065.326.261.478670
Healy, Ryon +Mariners1B187.237.262.456.2141.925.
Guzman, Ronald *Rangers1B162.210.258.434.1852.
Gurriel, Yuli +Astros1B286.263.278.398.2451.514.
Zimmerman, Ryan +Nationals1B86.213.236.373.1861.750.116.209.302.326618
Tellez, Rowdy *Blue Jays1B225.214.252.414.2001.933.
Aguilar, Jesus +Brewers1B196.202.241.325.1681.606.133.230.301.270551
Bour, Justin *Angels1B125.173.186.373.1522.
O'Hearn, Ryan *Royals1B213.188.225.333.1641.771.
Reynolds, Mark +Rockies1B134.171.224.342.1422.000.134.321.276.284522
Lowe, Nathaniel *Rays1B42.263.357.316.2381.
Alonso, Yonder *White Sox1B237.180.200.311.1561.730.
Walsh, Jared *Angels1B34.250.421.313.2351.250.059.382.294.294477
Bird, Greg *Yankees1B41.
Duda, Lucas *Royals1B65.
Davis, Chris *Orioles1B180.
O'Brien, Peter +Marlins1B47.
Pearce, Steve +Red Sox1B99.
Travis, Sam +Red Sox1B24.
Schwindel, Frank +Royals1B15.
Adduci, Jim *Cubs1B5.

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