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First Basemen Batting, 2018

2018 Major-League First Basemen Batting-Performance Results, Sorted By TOP

Through games of Wednesday, 25 April 2018.
All results are from true, unadjusted data.

Handedness Key:   + R   * L   # S

(You can also look up the stat definitions.)

Batters, listed in TOP order, 2018 results:

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Each name is a click-on link to that man's career stats.
Choi, Ji-Man ?Brewers1B11.0001.0002.0001.0002.000.000.0001.0002.00077428
Osuna, Jose +Pirates1B4.500.3331.250.5002.500.000.000.5001.2504884
Aguilar, Jesus +Brewers1B43.421.455.605.3721.438.070.116.442.5351701
Belt, Brandon *Giants1B82.304.357.638.2562.
Austin, Tyler +Yankees1B66.305.406.661.2732.167.091.333.364.5911416
Freeman, Freddie *Braves1B107.306.344.541.2431.769.178.168.421.4301390
Moreland, Mitch *Red Sox1B50.341.361.591.3001.733.100.140.400.5201312
Thames, Eric *Brewers1B74.250.225.625.2162.500.135.230.351.5411248
Canha, Mark +Athletics1B49.311.355.578.2861.857.082.224.367.5311227
Goldschmidt, Paul +Diamondbacks1B100.259.347.519.2102.
Cabrera, Miguel +Tigers1B89.329.383.513.2811.560.135.169.416.4381208
Mauer, Joe *Twins1B79.306.365.403.2411.316.215.127.456.3161116
Martinez, Jose +Cardinals1B97.318.338.494.2781.556.103.124.381.4331110
Adams, Matt *Nationals1B51.238.304.524.1962.200.137.314.333.4311100
Abreu, Jose +White Sox1B92.286.281.536.2611.875.
Myers, Wil +Padres1B33.333.400.515.3331.545.000.212.333.515929
Cron, C.J. +Rays1B89.268.315.500.2471.864.
Olson, Matt *Athletics1B103.275.415.407.2431.480.087.340.330.359864
Hosmer, Eric *Padres1B99.259.351.412.2221.591.141.263.364.354826
Bour, Justin *Marlins1B94.244.267.415.2131.700.128.191.340.362826
Bellinger, Cody *Dodgers1B98.278.338.456.2551.640.071.235.327.418818
Rodriguez, Sean +Pirates1B42.194.190.444.1672.
Votto, Joey *Reds1B102.256.278.337.2161.318.137.127.353.284750
Smoak, Justin #Blue Jays1B100.229.304.373.1901.632.150.260.340.310722
Gurriel, Yuli +Astros1B49.262.278.429.2241.636.082.143.306.367700
Alvarez, Pedro *Orioles1B57.191.219.362.1581.889.175.228.333.298698
Vogelbach, Daniel *Mariners1B63.204.290.352.1751.727.111.333.286.302639
Alonso, Yonder *Indians1B85.205.196.423.1882.
Duda, Lucas *Royals1B79.233.275.370.2151.588.
Bell, Josh #Pirates1B102.250.310.359.2251.435.088.206.314.324608
Guzman, Ronald *Rangers1B39.216.280.432.2052.
Carpenter, Matt *Cardinals1B92.167.204.306.1301.833.196.250.326.239561
Gonzalez, Adrian *Mets1B64.204.209.333.1721.636.
Zimmerman, Ryan +Nationals1B88.188.207.375.1702.
Santana, Carlos #Phillies1B102.171.182.305.1371.786.
Rizzo, Anthony *Cubs1B66.
Cooper, Garrett +Marlins1B9.
Davis, Chris *Orioles1B92.
Walker, Christian +Diamondbacks1B10.125.333.250.1002.000.200.500.300.200378
Muncy, Max *Dodgers1B20.
Morrison, Logan *Twins1B70.
Snyder, Brandon +Rays1B6.167.250.333.1672.000.000.333.167.333210
Navarro, Efren *Cubs1B6.167.500.167.1671.000.000.667.167.167147
Healy, Ryon +Mariners1B23.

For explanations of unconventional stats, see the Baseball Stats Definitions page.



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