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Left Fielders Batting, 2019

2019 Major-League Left Fielders Batting-Performance Results, Sorted By TOP

Through games of Tuesday, 18 June 2019.
All results are from true, unadjusted data.

Handedness Key:   + R   * L   # S

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Batters, listed in TOP order, 2019 results:

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Each name is a click-on link to that man's career stats.
Upton, Justin +AngelsLF6.400.3331.000.3332.500.167.167.500.8333479
Thomas, Lane +CardinalsLF11.400.375.700.3641.750.091.091.455.6362172
Alvarez, Yordan *AstrosLF36.333.353.767.2782.300.167.250.444.6392160
Calhoun, Willie *RangersLF32.367.348.700.3441.909.063.125.406.6561804
Gallo, Joey *RangersLF214.276.385.653.2202.362.196.355.416.5191623
Reynolds, Bryan #PiratesLF190.353.438.549.3211.557.084.211.405.5001329
Dietrich, Derek *RedsLF192.235.192.605.1982.579.
Dahl, David *RockiesLF258.335.430.541.3021.615.070.252.372.4881176
Maybin, Cameron +YankeesLF124.315.400.505.2821.600.105.250.387.4521158
Martinez, J.D. +Red SoxLF291.292.314.545.2581.867.103.189.361.4811151
Mancini, Trey +OriolesLF304.304.333.558.2761.833.076.194.352.5071135
Soto, Juan *NationalsLF266.289.348.500.2481.727.132.226.380.4291130
Acuna Jr., Ronald +BravesLF333.297.355.512.2611.724.093.237.354.4501122
Pederson, Joc *DodgersLF231.235.204.570.2032.426.100.195.303.4941092
Brantley, Michael *AstrosLF301.315.321.509.2861.616.080.090.365.4621088
Joyce, Matt *BravesLF78.294.353.485.2561.650.128.192.385.4231029
Ozuna, Marcell +CardinalsLF292.259.273.513.2331.985.092.216.325.462941
Frazier, Clint +YankeesLF209.283.347.513.2581.815.062.282.321.469934
Jimenez, Eloy +White SoxLF187.254.299.497.2351.955.070.289.305.460870
Schwarber, Kyle *CubsLF276.233.262.479.1992.
Gordon, Alex *RoyalsLF295.265.293.451.2311.706.081.180.312.393863
Rosario, Eddie *TwinsLF295.265.250.520.2511.959.
Benintendi, Andrew *Red SoxLF310.269.342.424.2351.575.103.239.339.371843
Davis, Khris +AthleticsLF248.242.267.476.2221.964.
Gardner, Brett *YankeesLF263.233.232.448.2051.926.099.144.304.395794
Heredia, Guillermo +RaysLF101.253.328.379.2181.500.089.238.307.327772
Dixon, Brandon +TigersLF143.277.352.482.2661.737.028.308.294.462762
Gonzalez, Marwin #TwinsLF254.255.305.420.2321.644.079.228.311.382758
Braun, Ryan +BrewersLF255.262.305.439.2431.677.059.231.302.408755
Grossman, Robbie #AthleticsLF223.246.283.395.2151.604.121.175.336.345736
Jones, JaCoby +TigersLF206.238.313.427.2141.795.073.306.286.383731
Dickerson, Corey *PiratesLF41.270.310.459.2441.700.073.195.317.415723
Gamel, Ben *BrewersLF178.255.356.389.2251.525.096.298.320.343723
Bauers, Jake *IndiansLF261.236.295.403.2111.709.096.264.307.360707
Yastrzemski, Mike *GiantsLF73.246.318.385.2191.563.082.274.301.342696
Stewart, Christin *TigersLF210.228.275.394.1951.732.114.229.310.338666
Kemp, Tony *AstrosLF153.221.231.404.1961.833.
DeShields, Delino +RangersLF163.230.294.304.1901.323.147.209.337.252630
Grichuk, Randal +Blue JaysLF295.221.267.412.2031.867.
Parra, Gerardo *NationalsLF66.226.244.419.2121.857.
Taylor, Chris +DodgersLF213.224.295.385.2021.721.
Shuck, JB *PiratesLF56.
Zobrist, Ben #CubsLF99.
Granderson, Curtis *MarlinsLF209.179.211.348.1581.939.
Williamson, Mac +MarinersLF44.
Garlick, Kyle +DodgersLF14.167.286.333.1432.000.143.357.286.286419
Delmonico, Nicky *White SoxLF68.206.324.286.1911.385.059.368.250.265412
Parra, Gerardo *GiantsLF97.
Dean, Austin +MarlinsLF84.207.250.341.2021.647.
Williamson, Mac +GiantsLF57.
Reyes, Pablo +PiratesLF42.
Dickerson, Alex *PadresLF19.
Robinson, Drew *CardinalsLF7.
Mahtook, Mikie +TigersLF25.
Pirela, Jose +PadresLF5.

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