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Left Fielders Batting, 2017

2017 Major-League Left Fielders Batting-Performance Results, Sorted By Last Name

Through games of Thursday, 17 August 2017.
All results are from true, unadjusted data.

Handedness Key:   + R   * L   # S

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Batters, listed in Last Name order, 2017 results:

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Each name is a click-on link to that man's career stats.
Aoki, Norichika *AstrosLF223.272.303.371.2471.364.067.130.314.336642
Aoki, Norichika *Blue JaysLF15.200.200.400.2002.
Asche, Cody *White SoxLF62.
Benintendi, Andrew *Red SoxLF477.279.302.449.2411.609.107.164.348.388930
Bonifacio, Emilio #BravesLF40.
Bostick, Chris +PiratesLF5.
Brantley, Michael *IndiansLF372.299.325.445.2691.490.083.134.352.401894
Braun, Ryan +BrewersLF269.295.328.544.2641.845.100.190.364.4871129
Brugman, Jaycob *AthleticsLF162.266.340.343.2351.
Cabrera, Melky #White SoxLF426.295.310.436.2751.479.059.122.333.406827
Cabrera, Melky #RoyalsLF74.299.309.522.2701.750.068.135.338.4731036
Cespedes, Yoenis +MetsLF293.275.296.513.2531.865.068.195.321.471932
Coghlan, Chris *Blue JaysLF87.
Conforto, Michael *MetsLF420.279.326.561.2362.
Davis, Khris +AthleticsLF503.240.286.521.2092.171.113.314.322.453946
Dickerson, Corey *RaysLF508.285.337.496.2661.741.055.234.321.463898
Duvall, Adam +RedsLF499.261.296.526.2382.
Fisher, Derek *AstrosLF99.247.315.435.2121.762.131.273.343.374919
Flores, Ramon *AngelsLF9.
Frazier, Adam *PiratesLF356.279.310.382.2501.371.076.118.326.343743
Gardner, Brett *YankeesLF507.248.278.430.2151.734.118.197.333.373835
Gentry, Craig +OriolesLF93.232.300.341.2041.474.097.237.301.301586
Gordon, Alex *RoyalsLF416.
Guyer, Brandon +IndiansLF133.224.296.336.1951.500.
Heisey, Chris +NationalsLF79.
Heredia, Guillermo +MarinersLF313.287.319.395.2621.378.058.134.319.361788
Hernandez, Enrique +DodgersLF271.221.252.464.1922.
Holliday, Matt +YankeesLF361.229.271.430.1991.875.111.263.310.374754
Holt, Brock *Red SoxLF89.
Huffman, Chad ?CardinalsLF15.286.500.429.2671.500.067.400.333.400881
Jay, Jon *CubsLF300.290.369.382.2501.320.100.200.350.330858
Kemp, Tony *AstrosLF3.
Kendrick, Howie +NationalsLF55.353.412.667.3271.889.073.236.400.6181593
Kendrick, Howie +PhilliesLF156.340.418.454.3081.333.071.192.378.4101064
Luplow, Jordan +PiratesLF10.
Martinez, Jose +CardinalsLF194.279.315.488.2471.750.103.211.351.433978
Maybin, Cameron +AngelsLF351.234.285.355.2021.521.125.202.328.308663
Morse, Michael +GiantsLF40.194.273.306.1751.571.075.350.250.275403
Nimmo, Brandon *MetsLF43.257.429.286.2091.111.186.326.395.233726
Ortiz, Danny *PiratesLF13.
Parmley, Ian *Blue JaysLF3.
Parra, Gerardo *RockiesLF287.342.374.515.3171.505.045.153.362.4771062
Pearce, Steve +Blue JaysLF273.264.289.467.2341.766.084.194.319.414885
Perkins, Cameron +PhilliesLF74.
Peterson, Shane *RaysLF88.253.316.392.2271.550.
Polanco, Gregory *PiratesLF351.255.272.407.2341.598.071.137.305.373678
Raburn, Ryan +NationalsLF69.262.395.431.2461.647.058.362.304.406760
Reddick, Josh *AstrosLF421.295.315.475.2611.609.074.143.335.420842
Robertson, Daniel +IndiansLF87.225.224.338.2071.500.
Rosario, Eddie *TwinsLF407.297.338.500.2781.681.059.197.337.467933
Rua, Ryan +RangersLF109.202.309.343.1831.700.092.376.275.312505
Schwarber, Kyle *CubsLF374.204.245.442.1742.169.134.307.307.377793
Smith, Dwight *Blue JaysLF29.370.588.444.3451.200.034.345.379.4141085
Soo Kim, Hyun *OriolesLF142.
Soo Kim, Hyun *PhilliesLF36.
Stubbs, Drew +GiantsLF24.
Szczur, Matt +CubsLF22.
Szczur, Matt +PadresLF149.208.239.367.1681.760.174.168.342.295785
Tapia, Raimel *RockiesLF132.287.359.434.2651.514.061.212.326.402822
Upton, Justin +TigersLF470.278.346.525.2451.887.113.266.357.4621069
Van Slyke, Scott +DodgersLF48.
Werth, Jayson +NationalsLF196.262.308.446.2241.705.138.219.362.383977
Williams, Nick *PhilliesLF164.291.363.507.2621.744.061.256.323.457994
Winker, Jesse *RedsLF77.273.320.409.2341.500.143.182.377.351908
Yelich, Christian *MarlinsLF507.280.330.428.2431.528.112.193.355.371879
Young Jr., Eric #AngelsLF107.260.328.396.2341.520.
Young, Chris +Red SoxLF218.244.276.415.2161.702.106.193.321.367751

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