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Left Fielders Batting, 2017

2017 Major-League Left Fielders Batting-Performance Results, Sorted By Last Name

Through games of Wednesday, 28 June 2017.
All results are from true, unadjusted data.

Handedness Key:   + R   * L   # S

(You can also look up the stat definitions.)

Batters, listed in Last Name order, 2017 results:

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Each name is a click-on link to that man's career stats.
Aoki, Norichika *AstrosLF176.272.303.340.2501.
Asche, Cody *White SoxLF62.
Benintendi, Andrew *Red SoxLF308.275.292.431.2401.568.094.153.334.377838
Bonifacio, Emilio #BravesLF40.
Bostick, Chris +PiratesLF5.
Brantley, Michael *IndiansLF236.299.341.430.2711.438.085.157.356.390876
Braun, Ryan +BrewersLF126.259.273.536.2302.
Brugman, Jaycob *AthleticsLF72.242.304.290.2081.
Cabrera, Melky #White SoxLF323.283.300.397.2601.405.068.121.328.365747
Cespedes, Yoenis +MetsLF134.300.307.592.2691.972.090.179.358.5301229
Coghlan, Chris *Blue JaysLF87.
Conforto, Michael *MetsLF269.285.345.548.2341.921.141.249.375.4501298
Davis, Khris +AthleticsLF324.256.315.526.2252.055.105.315.330.463991
Dickerson, Corey *RaysLF331.333.381.583.3111.748.051.202.363.5441263
Duvall, Adam +RedsLF311.284.318.558.2601.963.061.238.322.511993
Fisher, Derek *AstrosLF21.278.273.611.2382.
Frazier, Adam *PiratesLF230.278.312.390.2481.404.087.130.335.348783
Gardner, Brett *YankeesLF314.253.277.458.2231.814.108.201.331.404863
Gentry, Craig +OriolesLF52.205.286.318.1731.556.115.308.288.269539
Gordon, Alex *RoyalsLF266.
Guyer, Brandon +IndiansLF64.203.262.305.1881.500.
Heisey, Chris +NationalsLF50.
Heredia, Guillermo +MarinersLF218.284.310.378.2611.333.055.128.317.349757
Hernandez, Enrique +DodgersLF187.232.259.500.2032.
Holliday, Matt +YankeesLF276.262.307.511.2211.951.134.257.355.4311062
Holt, Brock *Red SoxLF19.
Huffman, Chad ?CardinalsLF15.286.500.429.2671.500.067.400.333.400881
Jay, Jon *CubsLF162.305.394.376.2651.
Kemp, Tony *AstrosLF3.
Kendrick, Howie +PhilliesLF139.349.433.476.3171.364.079.201.396.4321131
Martinez, Jose +CardinalsLF114.283.329.500.2631.767.061.228.325.465895
Maybin, Cameron +AngelsLF267.257.303.409.2211.593.135.184.356.352833
Morse, Michael +GiantsLF40.194.273.306.1751.571.075.350.250.275403
Nimmo, Brandon *MetsLF10.333.500.333.2001.000.400.200.600.2001823
Ortiz, Danny *PiratesLF13.
Parmley, Ian *Blue JaysLF3.
Parra, Gerardo *RockiesLF158.318.350.480.2971.511.038.171.335.449953
Pearce, Steve +Blue JaysLF119.275.325.459.2521.667.059.235.311.420840
Perkins, Cameron +PhilliesLF30.
Peterson, Shane *RaysLF52.234.265.404.2121.727.
Polanco, Gregory *PiratesLF242.241.268.364.2191.509.083.149.302.331598
Raburn, Ryan +NationalsLF35.324.417.471.3141.455.029.257.343.457992
Reddick, Josh *AstrosLF265.305.321.498.2681.634.083.128.351.438950
Robertson, Daniel +IndiansLF87.225.224.338.2071.500.
Rosario, Eddie *TwinsLF250.281.318.468.2641.667.056.200.320.440844
Rua, Ryan +RangersLF109.202.309.343.1831.700.092.376.275.312505
Schwarber, Kyle *CubsLF261.171.193.378.1462.
Smith, Dwight *Blue JaysLF29.370.588.444.3451.200.034.345.379.4141085
Soo Kim, Hyun *OriolesLF120.
Stubbs, Drew +GiantsLF24.
Szczur, Matt +CubsLF22.
Szczur, Matt +PadresLF81.172.196.344.1362.
Tapia, Raimel *RockiesLF69.286.360.349.2611.
Upton, Justin +TigersLF301.263.331.489.2331.857.110.276.342.432954
Van Slyke, Scott +DodgersLF47.
Werth, Jayson +NationalsLF196.262.308.446.2241.705.138.219.362.383977
Winker, Jesse *RedsLF11.273.300.455.2731.667.
Yelich, Christian *MarlinsLF321.270.312.388.2341.440.100.181.333.336762
Young Jr., Eric #AngelsLF95.286.368.440.2531.542.053.253.305.389948
Young, Chris +Red SoxLF161.254.288.394.2241.556.112.174.335.348734

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