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Letter-A Batters, 2018

2018 Major-League Batter-Performance Results, Last Name Starts With A

Through games of Monday, 20 August 2018.
All results are from true, unadjusted data.

Handedness Key:   + R   * L   # S

(You can also look up the stat definitions.)

Batters, listed in alphabetical order, 2018 results:

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(or review only "regulars"—men meeting a minimum-PA criterion)

Each name is a click-on link to that man's career stats.
A. Taylor, Michael +NationalsCF356.235.326.373.2161.584.
Abreu, Jose +White Sox1B526.272.300.491.2451.806.068.194.314.443875
Acuna Jr., Ronald +BravesCF313.289.348.563.2621.951.077.272.339.5111114
Adames, Willy +RaysSS187.241.318.376.2191.561.
Adams, Lane +BravesLF21.235.250.412.1901.750.190.190.381.333988
Adams, Matt *Nationals1B277.257.261.510.2311.984.087.199.318.458966
Adduci, Jim *TigersRF89.291.365.430.2811.480.034.236.315.416755
Adrianza, Ehire #TwinsSS262.246.325.379.2251.542.076.267.302.347618
Aguilar, Jesus +Brewers1B421.283.313.576.2422.
Ahmed, Nick +DiamondbacksSS433.242.268.448.2221.854.
Alberto, Hanser +Rangers3B12.
Albies, Ozhaino #Braves2B535.275.297.477.2601.734.041.168.301.450797
Alcantara, Sandy +MarlinsSP2.
Alexander, Scott *DodgersRP5.000-----.000.000-----.0001.000.000.0001
Alfaro, Jorge +PhilliesC322.251.393.390.2301.554.050.373.280.357660
Alford, Anthony +Blue JaysCF16.
Allard, Kolby *BravesRP11.0001.0001.0001.0001.000.000.0001.0001.00053133
Allen, Greg #IndiansCF195.250.308.326.2361.304.
Almonte, Abraham #RoyalsRF150.
Almonte, Yency #RockiesRP1.
Almora Jr., Albert +CubsCF374.296.349.408.2751.379.056.174.332.380747
Alonso, Yonder *Indians1B456.246.272.433.2211.762.088.213.309.390746
Altherr, Aaron +PhilliesRF248.171.240.305.1451.778.133.327.278.258496
Altuve, Jose +Astros2B451.329.363.464.2971.410.091.122.388.4191077
Alvarez, Pedro *Orioles1B127.180.179.414.1572.300.
Anderson, Brett *AthleticsSP4.
Anderson, Brian +Marlins3B545.274.325.396.2441.444.088.174.332.352791
Anderson, Chase +BrewersSP38.
Anderson, Drew +PhilliesSP1.000-----.000.000-----.0001.000.000.0001
Anderson, Tim +White SoxSS473.247.298.415.2301.679.
Anderson, Tyler *RockiesSP44.
Andreoli, John +MarinersRF6.200.333.200.1671.000.167.333.333.167456
Andriese, Matt +DiamondbacksRP1.000-----.000.000-----.0001.000.000.0001
Andrus, Elvis +RangersSS299.279.311.402.2581.442.064.130.321.371724
Andujar, Miguel +Yankees3B455.299.325.530.2841.775.040.174.323.503951
Aquino, Aristides +RedsRF1.000-----.000.000-----.0001.000.000.0001
Archer, Chris +PiratesSP5.
Arcia, Francisco *AngelsC43.293.346.585.2792.
Arcia, Orlando +BrewersSS269.
Arenado, Nolan +Rockies3B508.309.328.577.2701.869.114.179.384.5041319
Arrieta, Jake +PhilliesSP39.
Arroyo, Christian +RaysSS59.264.361.396.2371.500.102.271.339.356779
Astudillo, Willians +TwinsC19.263.278.368.2631.400.
Asuaje, Carlos *Padres2B214.
Austin, Tyler +Yankees1B132.223.311.471.2052.111.061.402.265.432706
Austin, Tyler +Twins1B30.370.467.741.3332.000.067.333.400.6671790
Avila, Alex *DiamondbacksC186.175.280.325.1451.852.161.398.306.269583
Avilan, Luis *White SoxRP1.000-----.000.000-----.0001.000.000.0001

For explanations of unconventional stats, see the Baseball Stats Definitions page.



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