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Letter-M Batters, 2017

2017 Major-League Batter-Performance Results, Last Name Starts With M

Through games of Thursday, 22 June 2017.
All results are from true, unadjusted data.

Handedness Key:   + R   * L   # S

(You can also look up the stat definitions.)

Batters, listed in alphabetical order, 2017 results:

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Each name is a click-on link to that man's career stats.
Machado, Dixon +TigersSS62.322.373.373.3061.
Machado, Manny +Orioles3B293.228.239.456.2052.
Machi, Jean +MarinersRP1.000-----.000.000-----.0001.000.000.0001
Maeda, Kenta +DodgersSP21.
Mahtook, Mikie +TigersCF98.245.288.426.2351.739.
Maile, Luke +Blue JaysC92.
Maldonado, Martin +AngelsC220.261.326.417.2361.596.
Mancini, Trey +Orioles1B214.313.385.561.2901.790.061.271.350.5191143
Margot, Manuel +PadresCF200.259.306.389.2401.500.065.195.305.360660
Marinez, Jhan +PiratesRP1.000-----.000.000-----.0001.000.000.0001
Marinez, Jhan +BrewersRP2.
Marisnick, Jake +AstrosCF121.255.309.557.2232.185.074.347.298.4881093
Markakis, Nick *BravesRF313.296.367.394.2621.329.093.192.355.348844
Marquez, German +RockiesRP16.
Marrero, Chris +Giants1B41.
Marrero, Deven +Red Sox3B93.172.214.322.1611.867.054.312.215.301350
Marte, Jefry +Angels1B113.175.209.309.1501.765.
Marte, Starling +PiratesCF59.241.306.370.2201.538.
Martin, Leonys *MarinersCF58.
Martin, Russell +Blue JaysC183.224.274.401.1801.788.175.246.355.322917
Martinez, Carlos +CardinalsSP30.
Martinez, J.D. +TigersRF153.305.333.664.2612.
Martinez, Jose +CardinalsLF102.271.314.479.2551.769.049.225.304.451781
Martinez, Michael #Indians2B13.364.667.455.3081.250.154.385.462.3851285
Martinez, Michael #Rays2B29.
Martinez, Nick *RangersSP2.000-----.000.000-----.500.500.500.000690
Martinez, Victor #TigersDH246.261.286.376.2321.439.093.134.325.333714
Mathis, Jeff +DiamondbacksC116.
Matz, Steven +MetsSP7.286.500.286.2861.000.000.429.286.286461
Mauer, Joe *Twins1B253.276.317.390.2491.413.095.150.344.352759
Maxwell, Bruce *Athletics?26.304.412.348.2691.
May, Jacob #White SoxCF40.
Maybin, Cameron +AngelsLF243.277.323.442.2351.596.148.173.383.374993
Mazara, Nomar *RangersRF281.274.312.456.2461.667.089.196.335.409873
McCann, Brian *AstrosC203.274.273.486.2361.771.108.143.345.4191004
McCann, James +TigersC149.182.184.394.1612.
McCarthy, Brandon +DodgersSP20.
McCullers Jr., Lance *AstrosSP3.
McCutchen, Andrew +PiratesRF297.268.284.490.2361.829.111.175.347.431978
McFarland, T.J. *DiamondbacksRP2.000-----.000.000-----.0001.000.000.0001
McGowan, Dustin +MarlinsRP3.000-----.000.000-----.0001.000.000.0001
Mercer, Jordy +PiratesSS276.279.318.421.2501.507.105.156.355.377865
Merrifield, Whit +Royals2B218.289.304.448.2661.552.055.124.321.413835
Mesoraco, Devin +RedsC107.237.258.505.2062.
Meyer, Alex +AngelsSP2.5001.000.500.5001.000.000.500.500.5001855
Miley, Wade *OriolesSP4.250.333.250.2501.
Miller, Andrew *IndiansRP1.000-----.000.000-----.0001.000.000.0001
Miller, Brad *RaysSS172.194.275.302.1571.556.186.273.343.244644
Miller, Shelby +DiamondbacksSP9.
Milone, Tommy *BrewersSP5.
Milone, Tommy *MetsSP4.2501.000.250.2501.000.000.750.250.250343
Miranda, Ariel *MarinersSP6.
Molina, Yadier +CardinalsC249.260.266.416.2411.600.
Mondesi, Raul #Royals2B45.
Montero, Miguel *CubsC102.281.328.449.2451.600.098.216.343.392950
Montero, Rafael +MetsRP3.
Montgomery, Jordan ?YankeesSP5.
Montgomery, Mike *CubsRP8.
Moore, Matt *GiantsSP23.
Moore, Tyler +Marlins1B78.274.298.589.2562.
Morales, Kendrys #Blue Jays1B281.271.290.496.2531.831.060.196.313.463870
Moreland, Mitch *Red Sox1B273.267.329.458.2311.714.117.234.348.396925
Morgan, Adam *PhilliesSP2.5001.000.500.5001.000.000.500.500.5001846
Moroff, Max #Pirates2B32.
Morrison, Logan *Rays1B284.247.248.565.2082.
Morse, Michael +GiantsLF40.194.273.306.1751.571.075.350.250.275403
Motter, Taylor +MarinersRF216.207.241.369.1901.780.
Moustakas, Mike *Royals3B274.276.272.549.2591.986.051.179.310.515956
Murphy, Daniel *Nationals2B291.346.354.575.3161.663.076.100.392.5261345
Murphy, Tom +RockiesC11.
Musgrove, Joe +AstrosSP2.
Myers, Wil +Padres1B305.264.337.480.2361.819.092.292.328.430900

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