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Letter-P Batters, 2016

2016 Major-League Batter-Performance Results, Last Name Starts With P

Through games of Tuesday, 4 October 2016.
All results are from true, unadjusted data.

Handedness Key:   + R   * L   # S

(You can also look up the stat definitions.)

Batters, listed in alphabetical order, 2016 results:

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(or review only "regulars"—men meeting a minimum-PA criterion)

Each name is a click-on link to that man's career stats.
Pacheco, Jordan +Reds2B51.
Pagan, Angel #GiantsCF543.277.298.418.2521.511.077.122.330.381764
Panik, Joe *Giants2B523.239.245.379.2121.586.096.090.308.337661
Paredes, Jimmy #Blue JaysDH17.267.300.533.2352.
Paredes, Jimmy #PhilliesDH149.217.281.350.2081.613.
Parker, Jarrett *GiantsRF151.236.321.394.1991.667.126.291.325.331845
Parmelee, Chris *Yankees1B8.500.6671.375.5002.750.000.375.5001.3755115
Parra, Gerardo *RockiesRF380.253.297.399.2451.581.
Patterson, Jordan *RockiesRF19.444.471.500.4211.
Patton, Spencer +CubsRP2.
Paulsen, Ben *Rockies1B97.217.297.304.2061.400.
Paxton, James *MarinersSP4.000-----.000.000-----.250.750.250.000137
Pearce, Steve +Rays1B232.309.342.520.2721.683.112.172.384.4571191
Pearce, Steve +Orioles1B70.217.233.400.1861.846.114.200.300.343757
Peavy, Jake +GiantsSP29.185.333.185.1721.000.069.414.241.172263
Pederson, Joc *DodgersCF475.246.296.495.2112.
Pedroia, Dustin +Red Sox2B697.318.339.449.2881.413.088.105.376.407977
Pena, Brayan #CardinalsC14.
Pena, Francisco +OriolesC42.
Pena, Ramiro #GiantsSS91.299.357.425.2861.423.022.176.308.407762
Pence, Hunter +GiantsRF442.289.348.451.2581.561.097.215.355.403908
Pennington, Cliff #AngelsSS185.209.289.308.1951.472.
Peralta, David *DiamondbacksLF183.251.310.433.2351.721.
Peralta, Jhonny +Cardinals3B313.260.294.408.2401.573.064.179.304.377667
Peralta, Joel +CubsRP1.000-----.000.000-----.0001.000.000.0001
Peralta, Joel +MarinersRP1.
Peralta, Wily +BrewersSP40.
Peraza, Jose +RedsSS256.324.361.411.3051.
Perdomo, Luis +PadresRP40.
Perez, Carlos +AngelsC283.209.236.325.1981.554.
Perez, Hernan +Brewers2B427.272.322.428.2581.573.042.220.300.405704
Perez, Martin *RangersSP3.333.500.333.3331.000.000.333.333.333661
Perez, Oliver *NationalsRP3.667.6671.000.6671.500.000.000.6671.0005568
Perez, Roberto +IndiansC179.
Perez, Salvador +RoyalsC546.247.280.438.2331.772.
Perez, Williams +BravesSP17.
Perez, Yefri #MarlinsCF3.6671.0001.000.6671.500.000.333.6671.0005568
Peterson, Jace *Braves2B406.254.296.366.2191.438.128.170.347.315730
Petit, Gregorio +Angels2B221.245.316.348.2261.420.
Petit, Yusmeiro +NationalsRP6.
Pham, Thomas +CardinalsCF182.226.342.440.1981.944.110.390.308.385799
Phegley, Josh +AthleticsC86.256.292.372.2331.450.
Phelps, David +MarlinsRP11.
Phillips, Brandon +Reds2B582.291.312.416.2751.431.031.117.306.393712
Pierzynski, A.J. *BravesC259.219.237.304.2081.389.
Pillar, Kevin +Blue JaysCF581.266.306.376.2511.411.
Pina, Manny +BrewersC81.254.296.394.2221.556.123.185.346.346766
Pinder, Chad +AthleticsSS55.235.297.373.2181.583.
Pineda, Michael +YankeesSP1.000-----.000.000-----.0001.000.000.0001
Pinto, Josmil +BrewersC6.
Pirela, Jose +Padres2B40.
Piscotty, Stephen +CardinalsLF648.273.319.457.2451.673.079.205.324.410871
Plawecki, Kevin +MetsC151.
Plouffe, Trevor +Twins3B343.260.284.420.2421.614.
Polanco, Gregory *PiratesRF586.258.291.463.2321.794.090.203.323.416807
Polanco, Jorge #TwinsSS268.282.328.424.2571.507.063.172.321.388774
Pollock, A.J. +DiamondbacksCF46.244.258.390.2171.600.109.174.326.348762
Pomeranz, Drew +Red SoxSP2.000-----.000.000-----.0001.000.000.0001
Pomeranz, Drew +PadresSP33.152.308.242.1521.600.000.576.152.242196
Pompey, Dalton #Blue JaysCF2.
Porcello, Rick +Red SoxSP5.
Posey, Buster +GiantsC614.288.303.434.2521.510.104.111.357.381878
Prado, Martin +Marlins3B658.305.331.417.2781.366.074.105.353.380835
Presley, Alex *BrewersCF129.
Presley, Alex *TigersCF5.
Price, David *Red SoxSP11.
Profar, Jurickson #Rangers2B305.239.291.338.2131.415.098.200.311.302638
Puig, Yasiel +DodgersRF368.263.306.416.2391.580.065.201.304.378750
Pujols, Albert +Angels1B650.268.260.457.2451.704.075.115.320.417836

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