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Letter-W Batters, 2019

2019 Major-League Batter-Performance Results, Last Name Starts With W

Through games of Monday, 30 September 2019.
All results are from true, unadjusted data.

Handedness Key:   + R   * L   # S

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Batters, listed in alphabetical order, 2019 results:

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Each name is a click-on link to that man's career stats.
Wacha, Michael +CardinalsSP36.167.400.194.1671.167.000.583.167.194158
Wade Jr., LaMonte *TwinsCF69.196.200.375.1591.909.159.130.319.304777
Wade, Tyler *YankeesSS106.245.328.362.2171.478.104.264.321.321694
Waguespack, Jacob +Blue JaysSP3.000-----.000.000-----.333.667.333.000255
Wainwright, Adam +CardinalsSP53.
Walden, Marcus +Red SoxRP1.000-----.000.000-----.0001.000.000.0001
Walding, Mitch *Phillies3B2.000-----.000.000-----.0001.000.000.0001
Walker, Christian +Diamondbacks1B603.259.312.476.2271.839.111.257.338.418943
Walker, Jeremy +BravesRP1.
Walker, Neil #Marlins2B381.261.316.395.2311.511.110.202.341.349759
Wallach, Chad +MarlinsC54.250.314.375.2221.500.111.222.333.333686
Walsh, Jared *Angels1B87.203.349.329.1841.625.069.402.253.299477
Walton, Donnie #Mariners3B19.
Ward, Taylor +Angels3B48.190.389.333.1671.750.125.479.292.292513
Weaver, Luke +DiamondbacksSP20.
Webb, Jacob +BravesRP1.000-----.000.000-----.0001.000.000.0001
Webb, Logan +GiantsSP10.
Wendle, Joey *Rays2B263.231.272.340.2091.473.
Wheeler, Zack *MetsSP61.
White, Tyler +Dodgers2B26.
White, Tyler +Astros2B253.225.319.330.1941.469.126.292.320.285570
Wieck, Brad *PadresRP2.
Wieters, Matt #CardinalsC183.214.223.435.1972.
Wilkerson, Aaron +BrewersRP3.333.0001.333.3334.000.000.333.3331.3332780
Wilkerson, Steve #OriolesSS360.225.300.383.2061.703.061.300.267.350584
Williams, Devin +BrewersRP1.000-----.000.000-----.0001.000.000.0001
Williams, Mason *OriolesCF34.267.320.300.2351.
Williams, Nick *PhilliesRF112.
Williams, Taylor #BrewersRP1.000-----.000.000-----.0001.000.000.0001
Williams, Trevor +PiratesSP38.167.316.167.1581.000.053.447.211.158202
Williamson, Mac +MarinersLF87.
Williamson, Mac +GiantsLF57.
Wilson, Bobby +TigersC46.
Wilson, Bryse +BravesSP9.222.667.222.2221.000.000.667.222.222266
Winker, Jesse *RedsRF384.269.286.473.2371.758.099.156.336.417970
Wisdom, Patrick +Rangers3B27.154.364.192.1481.250.037.556.185.185177
Wisler, Matt +PadresSP1.
Wojciechowski, Asher +OriolesSP1.000-----.000.000-----.0001.000.000.0001
Wolters, Tony *RockiesC409.262.314.329.2301.
Wong, Kean *Angels2B4.
Wong, Kean *Rays2B14.214.333.214.2141.000.000.357.214.214248
Wong, Kolten *Cardinals2B543.285.321.423.2501.485.087.153.337.372868
Wood, Alex +RedsSP9.222.500.222.2221.000.000.556.222.222266
Woodruff, Brandon *BrewersRP46.267.480.356.2611.333.022.435.283.348489
Wright, Kyle +BravesSP6.
Wynns, Austin +OriolesC73.

For explanations of unconventional stats, see the Baseball Stats Definitions page.



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