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Second Basemen Batting, 2015

2015 Major-League Second Basemen Batting-Performance Results, Sorted By Last Name

Through games of Thursday, 3 September 2015.
All results are from true, unadjusted data.

Handedness Key:   + R   * L   # S

(You can also look up the stat definitions.)

Batters, listed in Last Name order, 2015 results:

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Each name is a click-on link to that man's career stats.
Alberto, Hanser +Rangers2B99.
Alcantara, Arismendy #Cubs2B31.
Altuve, Jose +Astros2B558.315.335.429.2921.362.052.100.344.398884
Beckham, Tim +Rays2B174.236.286.465.2131.973.
Bonifacio, Emilio #White Sox2B81.
Brett, Ryan +Rays2B4.667.6671.000.5001.500.250.000.750.7506691
Cano, Robinson *Mariners2B556.282.317.427.2611.517.063.164.324.396771
De Jesus, Ivan +Reds2B162.257.320.382.2281.486.105.228.333.340740
Dietrich, Derek *Marlins2B206.263.303.514.2231.957.087.238.311.4371021
Dozier, Brian +Twins2B581.243.270.475.2171.952.088.219.305.423806
Drew, Stephen *Yankees2B395.211.212.404.1901.920.
Drury, Brandon +Cubs2B5.
Espinosa, Danny #Nationals2B396.248.304.423.2221.705.081.247.303.379728
Field, Tommy ?Rangers2B44.195.261.366.1821.875.045.364.227.341499
Figueroa, Cole *Yankees2B8.250.250.500.2502.
Flaherty, Ryan *Orioles2B246.209.268.345.1871.652.
Forsythe, Logan +Rays2B523.291.331.456.2561.567.088.172.344.402956
Franklin, Nick #Rays2B78.
Garcia, Greg *Cardinals2B40.250.267.389.2251.556.100.125.325.350696
Garcia, Leury #White Sox2B7.333.667.333.2861.000.143.429.429.286968
Garneau, Dustin #Phillies2B29.250.250.667.2072.667.172.310.379.5521466
Gennett, Scooter *Brewers2B300.266.310.402.2531.513.
Giavotella, Johnny +Angels2B461.265.295.350.2431.321.065.124.308.321591
Gomez, Hector +Brewers2B132.181.256.323.1741.783.023.303.197.311322
Gordon, Dee *Marlins2B522.328.383.410.3141.
Gyorko, Jedd +Padres2B345.246.300.388.2261.577.
Hernandez, Cesar #Phillies2B409.268.338.344.2401.
Herrera, Dilson +Mets2B93.195.241.317.1721.625.
Herrera, Elian ?Brewers2B212.236.299.385.2171.630.
Herrera, Jonathan #Cubs2B124.230.267.311.2261.357.
Holt, Brock *Red Sox2B426.276.348.378.2491.368.092.197.340.340737
Infante, Omar +Royals2B441.217.253.306.2111.409.
Johnson, Micah *White Sox2B82.270.351.297.2441.
Kawasaki, Munenori *Blue Jays2B20.
Kendrick, Howie +Dodgers2B449.296.343.418.2761.411.060.169.336.390803
Kinsler, Ian +Tigers2B575.306.336.452.2801.478.073.122.353.414917
Kipnis, Jason *Indians2B529.317.371.468.2781.476.096.163.374.4101036
La Stella, Tommy *Cubs2B30.179.190.321.1671.800.
Ladendorf, Tyler +Athletics2B11.200.222.400.1822.
LeMahieu, DJ +Rockies2B525.321.385.417.2931.
Lombardozzi, Steve ?Pirates2B11.
Marrero, Deven +Red Sox2B7.
Murphy, Daniel *Mets2B446.282.283.430.2601.526.061.072.321.397738
Navarro, Rey #Orioles2B29.276.280.448.2761.625.
Odor, Rougned *Rangers2B350.278.307.475.2541.708.049.166.303.434878
Owings, Chris +Diamondbacks2B453.244.324.346.2321.419.
Panik, Joe *Giants2B420.309.330.443.2761.431.088.100.364.395934
Parrino, Andy ?Athletics2B8.
Pearce, Steve +Orioles2B226.224.255.400.2041.783.
Pedroia, Dustin +Red Sox2B336.287.305.426.2591.483.083.122.342.384838
Peraza, Jose +Dodgers2B17.267.308.467.2351.750.118.118.353.412943
Peterson, Jace *Braves2B519.239.299.336.2141.405.094.208.308.301581
Petit, Gregorio ?Yankees2B46.
Phillips, Brandon +Reds2B505.289.307.387.2731.341.046.103.319.366718
Pirela, Jose +Yankees2B70.224.264.313.2141.400.
Refsnyder, Robert +Yankees2B13.167.111.417.1542.500.
Rosales, Adam +Rangers2B125.228.284.342.2081.500.
Russell, Addison +Cubs2B422.240.322.385.2201.602.
Rutledge, Josh +Red Sox2B48.325.429.400.2711.
Sanchez, Carlos #White Sox2B337.234.286.334.2231.427.
Schoop, Jonathan +Orioles2B218.290.340.507.2751.750.028.248.303.482882
Sogard, Eric *Athletics2B360.
Spangenberg, Cory *Padres2B248.265.335.385.2421.450.069.218.310.351648
Tolleson, Steve ?Blue Jays2B45.268.344.439.2441.636.089.200.333.400750
Tomlinson, Kelby +Giants2B81.315.415.438.2841.391.099.235.383.3951028
Travis, Devon +Blue Jays2B239.304.347.498.2761.636.075.180.351.452988
Uggla, Dan +Nationals2B128.
Utley, Chase *Phillies2B282.217.227.333.1911.537.
Utley, Chase *Dodgers2B50.227.250.432.2001.900.
Valdespin, Jordany ?Marlins2B4.
Walker, Neil #Pirates2B510.263.299.422.2371.603.075.180.312.380737
Weeks, Jemile #Red Sox2B9.333.429.333.3331.
Wong, Kolten *Cardinals2B534.265.296.394.2421.488.058.150.300.360705

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