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Second Basemen Batting, 2019

2019 Major-League Second Basemen Batting-Performance Results, Sorted By Last Name

Through games of Tuesday, 25 June 2019.
All results are from true, unadjusted data.

Handedness Key:   + R   * L   # S

(You can also look up the stat definitions.)

Batters, listed in Last Name order, 2019 results:

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Each name is a click-on link to that man's career stats.
Albies, Ozzie #Braves2B349.285.308.468.2581.644.083.152.341.424920
Altuve, Jose +Astros2B192.251.250.480.2241.907.099.156.323.427875
Arraez, Luis *Twins2B48.436.432.590.3541.353.167.042.521.4792038
Biggio, Cavan *Blue Jays2B106.221.269.442.1792.
Cano, Robinson *Mets2B220.228.270.369.2141.617.
Castro, Starlin +Marlins2B325.235.266.317.2221.347.
Dozier, Brian +Nationals2B268.231.267.429.2051.855.097.246.302.381740
Forsythe, Logan +Rangers2B208.276.375.431.2311.563.139.255.370.361899
Frazier, Adam *Pirates2B290.259.293.372.2381.435.066.131.303.341663
Gonzalez, Erik +Pirates2B57.
Gordon, Dee *Mariners2B222.273.305.368.2571.351.
Gosselin, Phil +Phillies2B50.245.308.306.2401.
Gurriel Jr., Lourdes +Blue Jays2B169.295.350.571.2721.935.059.260.331.5271096
Hampson, Garrett +Rockies2B112.
Hanson, Alen #Blue Jays2B48.
Harrison, Josh +Tigers2B146.
Hernandez, Cesar #Phillies2B321.283.308.433.2591.530.065.131.324.396804
Hiura, Keston +Brewers2B69.281.361.531.2611.889.043.333.304.4931040
Holt, Brock *Red Sox2B99.310.394.402.2731.
Joe, Connor +Giants2B16.
Kendrick, Howie +Nationals2B210.328.325.575.2901.754.076.133.367.5101260
Kingery, Scott +Phillies2B165.331.398.630.3091.902.048.248.358.5881357
Kinsler, Ian +Padres2B235.225.241.390.2091.735.
Kipnis, Jason *Indians2B247.244.272.382.2231.564.081.166.304.348630
LeMahieu, DJ +Yankees2B325.333.361.512.3051.535.071.138.375.4681147
Long, Shed *Mariners2B79.232.313.377.2031.625.127.253.329.329642
Lopez, Nicky *Royals2B157.243.287.324.2291.333.
Lowe, Brandon *Rays2B283.282.397.537.2581.904.067.350.325.4911018
Lugo, Dawel +Tigers2B86.207.254.317.1981.529.
Mayfield, Jack +Astros2B43.143.152.310.1402.
McNeil, Jeff *Mets2B273.348.380.498.3151.430.062.106.377.4511198
Merrifield, Whit +Royals2B362.304.346.507.2821.667.061.174.343.4701012
Miller, Brad *Indians2B40.250.320.417.2251.667.100.250.325.375720
Miller, Brad *Phillies2B11.444.6001.000.3642.
Mondesi, Adalberto #Royals2B311.269.353.441.2511.641.051.273.302.412721
Moroff, Max #Indians2B34.
Moustakas, Mike *Brewers2B308.280.281.578.2502.
Muncy, Max *Dodgers2B311.279.318.527.2351.890.148.232.383.4441175
Murphy, Daniel *Rockies2B203.273.298.449.2511.647.064.158.315.414750
Noll, Jake +Nationals2B13.
Nunez, Eduardo +Red Sox2B149.238.274.322.2281.353.
Odor, Rougned *Rangers2B261.177.221.350.1611.976.084.314.245.318469
Owings, Chris +Royals2B145.
Panik, Joe *Giants2B287.237.256.328.2091.383.098.105.307.289562
Pedroia, Dustin +Red Sox2B21.
Peraza, Jose +Reds2B226.224.241.343.2081.532.
Ramirez, Jose #Indians2B332.217.237.331.1901.524.111.130.301.289560
Rengifo, Luis #Angels2B163.245.305.378.2151.543.098.233.313.331651
Robertson, Daniel +Rays2B206.
Rodriguez, Sean +Phillies2B58.220.286.340.1901.545.
Sanchez, Adrian +Nationals2B17.235.333.235.2351.
Sanchez, Yolmer #White Sox2B235.248.325.305.2211.
Schoop, Jonathan +Twins2B264.260.297.480.2421.844.
Shaw, Travis *Brewers2B209.
Sogard, Eric *Blue Jays2B222.301.319.495.2661.644.099.140.365.4371055
Solano, Donovan +Giants2B59.296.356.333.2711.
Torres, Gleyber +Yankees2B303.285.310.548.2541.922.092.224.347.4881084
Urias, Luis +Padres2B29.
Vargas, Ildemaro #Diamondbacks2B152.250.264.368.2371.472.
Villar, Jonathan #Orioles2B333.245.301.401.2221.635.081.237.303.363668
Walker, Neil #Marlins2B172.288.354.431.2561.500.105.209.360.384894
Wendle, Joey *Rays2B64.
White, Tyler +Astros2B203.224.315.347.1871.553.148.291.335.291631
Wong, Kolten *Cardinals2B289.242.262.377.2111.557.100.145.311.329692

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