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Second Basemen Batting, 2016

2016 Major-League Second Basemen Batting-Performance Results, Sorted By Last Name

Through games of Friday, 29 April 2016.
All results are from true, unadjusted data.

Handedness Key:   + R   * L   # S

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Batters, listed in Last Name order, 2016 results:

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Each name is a click-on link to that man's career stats.
Adrianza, Ehire #Giants2B11.300.250.700.2732.333.091.091.364.6361424
Alberto, Hanser +Rangers2B17.
Altuve, Jose +Astros2B106.315.319.630.2742.
Barney, Darwin +Blue Jays2B31.286.318.393.2581.375.065.161.323.355860
Beckham, Gordon +Braves2B28.280.333.360.2501.
Beckham, Tim +Rays2B21.
Blanco, Andres #Phillies2B34.300.364.500.2651.667.088.206.353.4411058
Cano, Robinson *Mariners2B98.236.188.539.2142.
Culberson, Charlie +Dodgers2B21.238.294.333.2381.400.
De Jesus, Ivan +Reds2B34.
Dozier, Brian +Twins2B101.200.214.356.1781.778.
Espinosa, Danny #Nationals2B75.
Figueroa, Cole *Pirates2B9.
Flaherty, Ryan *Orioles2B11.200.400.200.1821.000.091.455.273.182332
Forsythe, Logan +Rays2B90.316.393.557.2781.760.111.222.389.4891276
Garcia, Greg *Cardinals2B15.600.7141.000.4001.667.267.133.667.6676786
Gennett, Scooter *Brewers2B72.258.279.516.2222.
Giavotella, Johnny +Angels2B52.
Goins, Ryan *Blue Jays2B75.
Gordon, Dee *Marlins2B97.266.325.340.2581.
Gyorko, Jedd +Cardinals2B61.232.237.500.2132.
Hernandez, Cesar #Phillies2B80.280.356.347.2631.
Hernandez, Enrique +Dodgers2B56.271.314.458.2321.692.143.196.375.393987
Hill, Aaron +Brewers2B69.
Holt, Brock *Red Sox2B75.250.269.391.2131.563.107.160.320.333716
Infante, Omar +Royals2B72.269.321.373.2501.389.056.167.306.347553
Johnson, Kelly *Braves2B47.
Johnson, Micah *Dodgers2B3.
Kendrick, Howie +Dodgers2B54.
Kinsler, Ian +Tigers2B98.344.386.522.3161.516.061.173.378.4801210
Kipnis, Jason *Indians2B89.275.365.450.2471.636.079.303.326.404787
La Stella, Tommy *Cubs2B29.400.375.720.3451.800.138.000.483.6212027
Ladendorf, Tyler +Athletics2B2.
LeMahieu, DJ +Rockies2B83.293.323.427.2651.455.084.145.349.386831
Murphy, Daniel *Nationals2B86.364.400.584.3261.607.093.116.419.5231519
Odor, Rougned *Rangers2B88.244.266.402.2271.650.
Pacheco, Jordan +Reds2B21.238.278.429.2381.800.
Panik, Joe *Giants2B103.280.288.484.2521.731.087.107.340.437938
Pedroia, Dustin +Red Sox2B106.323.363.505.3021.563.066.151.368.4721067
Perez, Hernan +Brewers2B5.
Peterson, Jace *Braves2B46.
Phillips, Brandon +Reds2B74.290.306.435.2701.500.
Pirela, Jose +Padres2B5.200.333.400.2002.000.000.400.200.400304
Rendon, Anthony +Nationals2B95.
Russell, Addison +Cubs2B85.214.236.343.1761.600.153.165.329.282705
Rutledge, Josh +Red Sox2B10.400.800.700.4001.750.000.500.400.7001371
Sanchez, Carlos #White Sox2B1.000-----.000.000-----.0001.000.000.0001
Schoop, Jonathan +Orioles2B78.213.228.387.2051.813.
Spangenberg, Cory *Padres2B53.229.294.354.2081.545.
Tomlinson, Kelby +Giants2B20.
Utley, Chase *Dodgers2B92.288.354.413.2501.435.098.163.348.359898
Walker, Neil #Mets2B88.306.293.635.2952.
Walsh, Colin #Brewers2B29.
Weeks, Jemile #Padres2B31.
Weeks, Rickie +Diamondbacks2B20.222.286.389.2001.750.
Wong, Kolten *Cardinals2B60.
Zobrist, Ben #Cubs2B91.260.286.356.2091.368.187.110.396.286838

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