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Second Basemen Batting, 2017

2017 Major-League Second Basemen Batting-Performance Results, Sorted By Last Name

Through games of Wednesday, 21 June 2017.
All results are from true, unadjusted data.

Handedness Key:   + R   * L   # S

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Batters, listed in Last Name order, 2017 results:

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Each name is a click-on link to that man's career stats.
Altuve, Jose +Astros2B312.322.350.518.2851.607.093.135.378.4581189
Amarista, Alexi *Rockies2B85.310.364.464.3061.500.012.188.318.459781
Asuaje, Carlos *Padres2B2.
Barney, Darwin +Blue Jays2B132.224.265.304.2121.357.
Cano, Robinson *Mariners2B279.281.283.458.2541.634.086.115.341.416882
Castro, Starlin +Yankees2B299.321.364.504.3011.567.050.187.351.4721046
Colon, Christian +Royals2B18.
Colon, Christian +Marlins2B37.
Dietrich, Derek *Marlins2B203.235.275.363.2071.548.
Difo, Wilmer #Nationals2B94.
Dozier, Brian +Twins2B303.250.274.443.2181.773.116.185.333.386854
Drew, Stephen *Nationals2B54.347.390.490.3151.412.056.167.370.444976
Drury, Brandon +Diamondbacks2B247.304.358.500.2831.643.053.202.336.466953
Espinosa, Danny #Angels2B219.176.254.307.1601.743.073.365.233.279401
Fontana, Nolan *Angels2B19.
Forsythe, Logan +Dodgers2B149.210.308.290.1741.385.141.302.315.242577
Freeman, Mike *Mariners2B34.
Gennett, Scooter *Reds2B165.284.330.542.2671.909.055.242.321.509995
Goins, Ryan *Blue Jays2B177.216.250.352.1981.629.
Gonzalez, Erik +Indians2B33.313.450.438.3031.400.030.333.333.424843
Gordon, Dee *Marlins2B304.289.338.357.2661.
Gosselin, Phil +Pirates2B38.
Green, Grant ?Nationals2B3.
Gyorko, Jedd +Cardinals2B242.297.348.514.2731.727.070.227.343.4711013
Harrison, Josh +Pirates2B297.297.332.456.2631.538.061.155.323.404973
Hernandez, Cesar #Phillies2B259.277.335.399.2551.439.077.197.332.367762
Hernandez, Marco *Red Sox2B60.276.372.328.2671.
Hill, Aaron +Giants2B78.
Kinsler, Ian +Tigers2B249.251.262.406.2211.618.104.116.325.357789
Kipnis, Jason *Indians2B215.237.258.419.2191.766.
LeMahieu, DJ +Rockies2B324.304.351.385.2781.
Lombardozzi, Steve #Marlins2B8.
Lowrie, Jed #Athletics2B296.283.318.475.2531.680.095.159.348.426925
Martinez, Michael #Indians2B13.364.667.455.3081.250.154.385.462.3851285
Martinez, Michael #Rays2B29.
Merrifield, Whit +Royals2B218.289.304.448.2661.552.055.124.321.413835
Mondesi, Raul #Royals2B45.
Moroff, Max #Pirates2B29.
Murphy, Daniel *Nationals2B291.346.354.575.3161.663.076.100.392.5261345
Ngoepe, Gift +Pirates2B62.222.429.296.1941.333.129.419.323.258555
Odor, Rougned *Rangers2B300.216.240.396.2031.836.
Panik, Joe *Giants2B269.271.292.400.2421.477.078.115.320.357725
Pedroia, Dustin +Red Sox2B242.296.316.376.2601.
Pennington, Cliff #Angels2B95.
Peterson, Jace *Braves2B123.
Phillips, Brandon +Braves2B259.300.333.424.2821.411.046.124.328.398792
Pirela, Jose +Padres2B64.351.425.596.3131.700.094.219.406.5311499
Ramirez, Jose #Indians2B290.322.341.557.2931.729.079.131.372.5071185
Rivera, T.J. +Mets2B146.269.309.388.2471.444.
Rojas, Miguel +Marlins2B72.338.379.400.3061.
Rutledge, Josh +Red Sox2B118.224.316.262.2031.
Saladino, Tyler +White Sox2B126.
Sanchez, Carlos #White Sox2B211.282.344.415.2611.473.066.199.327.384779
Schimpf, Ryan *Padres2B197.158.145.424.1322.692.137.355.269.355674
Schoop, Jonathan +Orioles2B279.292.323.542.2651.851.057.204.323.4911012
Spangenberg, Cory *Padres2B172.261.345.370.2501.419.
Tomlinson, Kelby +Giants2B59.273.341.273.2541.
Travis, Devon +Blue Jays2B196.259.299.438.2451.688.
Utley, Chase *Dodgers2B186.231.254.388.1991.676.113.145.312.333735
Villar, Jonathan #Brewers2B247.213.294.342.1941.604.089.308.283.312529
Walker, Neil #Mets2B253.270.285.468.2371.733.103.142.340.411925
Weeks, Rickie +Rays2B112.216.413.340.1881.571.107.438.295.295602
Wong, Kolten *Cardinals2B178.301.352.444.2581.478.107.140.365.382973
Zobrist, Ben #Cubs2B215.223.235.394.1951.762.121.149.316.344718

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