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Shortstops Batting, 2019

2019 Major-League Shortstops Batting-Performance Results, Sorted By Last Name

Through games of Monday, 22 April 2019.
All results are from true, unadjusted data.

Handedness Key:   + R   * L   # S

(You can also look up the stat definitions.)

Batters, listed in Last Name order, 2019 results:

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Each name is a click-on link to that man's career stats.
Adames, Willy +RaysSS82.237.333.355.2201.500.
Adrianza, Ehire #TwinsSS31.
Ahmed, Nick +DiamondbacksSS92.271.344.388.2501.435.054.239.304.359592
Alberto, Hanser +OriolesSS60.276.306.345.2671.
Anderson, Tim +White SoxSS75.403.463.625.3871.552.027.187.413.6001702
Andrus, Elvis +RangersSS89.354.433.561.3261.586.056.213.382.5171361
Arcia, Orlando +BrewersSS79.216.255.378.2031.750.
Arroyo, Christian +RaysSS9.333.750.333.3331.000.000.556.333.333661
Baez, Javier +CubsSS90.302.377.605.2892.000.044.300.333.5781135
Beckham, Tim +MarinersSS92.293.358.561.2611.917.109.261.370.5001168
Bogaerts, Xander +Red SoxSS88.276.328.434.2391.571.125.193.364.375868
Correa, Carlos +AstrosSS82.257.306.514.2322.
Crawford, Brandon *GiantsSS85.
Culberson, Charlie +BravesSS10.400.5001.100.4002.750.000.400.4001.1002805
DeJong, Paul +CardinalsSS100.330.377.593.3001.800.070.180.370.5401307
Diaz, Aledmys +AstrosSS28.222.200.519.2142.333.
Difo, Wilmer #NationalsSS68.226.279.355.2061.571.
Fletcher, David +AngelsSS75.286.292.386.2671.350.067.053.333.360710
Freeman, Mike *IndiansSS11.222.400.222.1821.000.182.364.364.182560
Galvis, Freddy #Blue JaysSS92.315.348.528.3041.679.033.196.337.5111028
Goodrum, Niko #TigersSS71.279.341.508.2391.824.141.211.380.4371031
Guillorme, Luis *MetsSS14.
Ho Kang, Jung +PiratesSS61.143.172.339.1312.375.082.393.213.311378
Iglesias, Jose +RedsSS56.269.317.385.2501.429.071.179.321.357672
Jackson, Drew +OriolesSS4.
Lin, Tzu-Wei *Red SoxSS9.
Lindor, Francisco #IndiansSS9.222.167.556.2222.500.
Machado, Manny +PadresSS91.253.302.430.2201.700.121.242.341.374892
Marte, Ketel #DiamondbacksSS93.247.277.449.2371.818.
Martin, Richie +OriolesSS60.
Mercer, Jordy +TigersSS47.233.313.326.2131.400.
Munoz, Yairo +CardinalsSS9.250.333.375.2221.500.111.222.333.333617
Newman, Kevin +PiratesSS12.273.375.364.2501.333.083.250.333.333627
Pinder, Chad +AthleticsSS69.308.315.523.2901.700.029.130.319.493947
Polanco, Jorge #TwinsSS84.392.424.716.3451.828.095.143.440.6312045
Profar, Jurickson #AthleticsSS96.
Ramirez, Hanley +IndiansSS57.184.233.327.1581.778.
Riddle, JT *MarlinsSS32.156.158.344.1562.200.000.344.156.344287
Rojas, Miguel +MarlinsSS67.300.316.400.2691.333.075.060.343.358743
Rondon, Jose +White SoxSS28.308.412.500.2861.625.071.286.357.4641001
Rosario, Amed +MetsSS89.262.350.381.2471.455.056.258.303.360647
Seager, Corey *DodgersSS96.265.323.422.2291.591.125.198.354.365847
Segura, Jean +PhilliesSS73.328.382.478.3011.455.068.151.370.4381054
Semien, Marcus +AthleticsSS106.309.325.479.2741.552.104.113.377.4251020
Simmons, Andrelton +AngelsSS95.258.274.376.2531.458.
Stamets, Eric +IndiansSS47.
Story, Trevor +RockiesSS99.281.339.461.2531.640.071.263.323.414931
Swanson, Dansby +BravesSS82.254.255.537.2072.
Tatis Jr., Fernando +PadresSS89.291.347.595.2582.
Tucker, Cole #PiratesSS11.300.333.800.2732.667.091.273.364.7271513
Tulowitzki, Troy +YankeesSS13.182.167.545.1543.000.154.308.308.462875
Turner, Trea +NationalsSS15.357.429.857.3332.400.067.333.400.8002099
Urena, Richard #Blue JaysSS25.333.471.458.3201.375.040.280.360.440855
Wade, Tyler *YankeesSS29.192.333.192.1721.000.103.379.276.172330
Wilkerson, Stephen #OriolesSS4.

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