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Shortstops Batting, 2017

2017 Major-League Shortstops Batting-Performance Results, Sorted By Last Name

Through games of Sunday, 23 July 2017.
All results are from true, unadjusted data.

Handedness Key:   + R   * L   # S

(You can also look up the stat definitions.)

Batters, listed in Last Name order, 2017 results:

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Each name is a click-on link to that man's career stats.
Adames, Cristhian #RockiesSS14.
Adrianza, Ehire #TwinsSS83.306.339.417.2651.364.084.157.349.361763
Ahmed, Nick +DiamondbacksSS178.251.295.419.2361.667.
Anderson, Tim +White SoxSS346.243.309.365.2341.506.
Andrus, Elvis +RangersSS408.287.320.460.2701.600.056.167.326.431836
Arcia, Orlando +BrewersSS354.281.323.411.2631.462.059.178.322.384746
Arroyo, Christian +GiantsSS135.192.231.304.1781.583.
Aviles, Mike +MarlinsSS7.
Aybar, Erick #PadresSS288.227.252.346.2051.525.
Barreto, Franklin +AthleticsSS46.190.273.381.1742.000.087.391.261.348573
Beckham, Tim +RaysSS318.262.359.412.2421.571.066.314.308.381750
Bogaerts, Xander ?Red SoxSS387.291.348.427.2661.466.070.183.336.390825
Cabrera, Asdrubal #MetsSS298.249.268.396.2211.591.097.144.319.352742
Calixte, Orlando +GiantsSS32.
Camargo, Johan #BravesSS146.314.394.471.3011.500.034.212.336.452823
Cecchini, Gavin +MetsSS14.286.375.500.2861.750.000.357.286.500830
Cordoba, Allen +PadresSS191.225.275.312.2041.385.
Correa, Carlos +AstrosSS375.320.353.566.2771.769.117.189.395.4911344
Cozart, Zack +RedsSS318.319.353.564.2741.770.129.157.403.4841342
Crawford, Brandon *GiantsSS335.228.259.375.2091.643.
d'Arnaud, Chase +Red SoxSS11.0001.0001.0001.0001.000.000.0001.0001.00053391
d'Arnaud, Chase +PadresSS51.
d'Arnaud, Chase +BravesSS10.375.600.375.3001.000.200.300.500.3001376
Diaz, Aledmys +CardinalsSS287.260.283.396.2471.521.
Escobar, Alcides +RoyalsSS386.232.275.318.2231.372.
Escobar, Eduardo #TwinsSS247.273.298.441.2511.613.061.166.312.405819
Featherston, Taylor ?RaysSS45.184.217.368.1562.000.111.333.267.311518
Franklin, Nick #BrewersSS89.195.230.317.1801.625.
Franklin, Nick #AngelsSS29.
Galvis, Freddy #PhilliesSS390.253.281.423.2331.670.
Gregorius, Didi *YankeesSS311.304.318.495.2861.629.042.145.328.466933
Hanson, Alen #White SoxSS62.232.261.321.2101.385.097.145.306.290553
Hanson, Alen #PiratesSS59.
Hardy, J.J. +OriolesSS238.211.249.308.2021.458.
Hechavarria, Adeiny +RaysSS70.269.321.299.2571.
Hechavarria, Adeiny +MarlinsSS66.277.309.385.2731.389.
Iglesias, Jose +TigersSS309.264.296.363.2521.372.
Janish, Paul +OriolesSS27.
Kozma, Pete +RangersSS40.
Kozma, Pete +YankeesSS10.
Lin, Tzu-Wei *Red SoxSS58.280.378.360.2411.
Lindor, Francisco #IndiansSS422.262.271.465.2391.772.078.130.318.424806
Machado, Dixon +TigersSS80.316.354.395.3001.
Marte, Ketel #DiamondbacksSS50.200.219.378.1801.889.
Mejia, Alex +CardinalsSS14.214.200.429.2142.
Mercer, Jordy +PiratesSS367.262.293.415.2341.581.104.155.338.371794
Miller, Brad *RaysSS220.202.269.337.1641.667.182.259.345.273695
Owings, Chris +DiamondbacksSS366.276.324.453.2601.642.046.219.306.426743
Peraza, Jose +RedsSS358.252.285.328.2431.
Pinder, Chad +AthleticsSS160.234.281.490.2132.088.056.306.269.444731
Polanco, Jorge #TwinsSS303.217.243.310.1981.433.
Reynolds, Matt +MetsSS45.
Robertson, Daniel +RaysSS194.224.300.365.1961.632.108.289.304.320657
Russell, Addison +CubsSS316.239.288.415.2181.739.
Sanchez, Adrian +NationalsSS14.
Sardinas, Luis #PadresSS53.
Seager, Corey *DodgersSS388.293.355.509.2531.735.131.227.384.4381139
Segura, Jean +MarinersSS319.328.380.448.3071.367.044.163.351.420925
Semien, Marcus +AthleticsSS104.209.262.326.1731.556.154.231.327.269629
Simmons, Andrelton +AngelsSS400.292.305.450.2681.542.070.113.338.413843
Smith, Tyler +MarinersSS19.188.333.250.1581.333.053.421.211.211324
Sogard, Eric *BrewersSS168.324.364.472.2741.457.131.125.405.3991197
Story, Trevor +RockiesSS320.237.335.429.2131.809.100.344.313.384748
Swanson, Dansby +BravesSS357.210.263.307.1881.463.
Tejada, Ruben +OriolesSS98.267.308.333.2451.
Tulowitzki, Troy +Blue JaysSS244.251.272.383.2341.526.
Turner, Trea +NationalsSS315.279.322.422.2601.512.057.175.317.394765
Valaika, Pat +RockiesSS123.256.275.538.2442.
Wade, Tyler *YankeesSS34.

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