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Third Basemen Batting, 2018

2018 Major-League Third Basemen Batting-Performance Results, Sorted By TOP

Through games of Wednesday, 25 April 2018.
All results are from true, unadjusted data.

Handedness Key:   + R   * L   # S

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Batters, listed in TOP order, 2018 results:

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Each name is a click-on link to that man's career stats.
Gyorko, Jedd +Cardinals3B21.467.500.733.3331.571.190.143.524.5242837
Villanueva, Christian +Padres3B72.355.441.774.3062.
Robertson, Daniel +Rays3B62.340.424.574.2581.688.226.194.484.4351806
Machado, Manny +Orioles3B107.344.343.677.2991.969.131.140.430.5891780
Suarez, Eugenio +Reds3B33.296.316.630.2422.
Arenado, Nolan +Rockies3B87.342.375.589.2871.720.149.161.437.4941581
Marte, Jefry +Angels3B40.378.394.595.3501.571.075.075.425.5501556
Bryant, Kris +Cubs3B90.319.357.536.2441.682.144.133.389.4111500
Garcia, Greg *Cardinals3B30.308.353.654.2672.
Ramirez, Jose #Indians3B97.265.217.542.2272.
Moustakas, Mike *Royals3B96.304.292.609.2922.
Chapman, Matt +Athletics3B108.269.313.516.2311.920.120.222.352.4441160
Shaw, Travis *Brewers3B105.286.323.538.2481.885.133.200.381.4671153
Candelario, Jeimer #Tigers3B103.290.343.548.2621.889.087.214.350.4951137
Frazier, Todd +Mets3B94.264.327.458.2021.737.202.234.404.3511102
Camargo, Johan #Braves3B14.250.429.583.2142.333.143.357.357.5001077
Escobar, Eduardo #Twins3B70.306.362.532.2711.737.086.214.357.471970
Donaldson, Josh +Blue Jays3B54.239.276.457.2041.909.148.259.352.389952
Andujar, Miguel +Yankees3B68.292.314.600.2792.
Moran, Colin *Pirates3B76.294.340.441.2631.500.092.184.355.395873
Freese, David +Pirates3B40.250.292.472.2251.889.100.250.325.425848
Gallo, Joey *Rangers3B107.229.250.490.2062.
Beltre, Adrian +Rangers3B101.310.342.437.2671.407.089.139.356.376837
Rendon, Anthony +Nationals3B62.286.319.411.2581.438.097.129.355.371805
Anderson, Brian +Marlins3B104.256.323.349.2121.364.135.192.346.288792
Flores, Wilmer +Mets3B47.238.222.429.2131.800.106.085.319.383759
Devers, Rafael *Red Sox3B99.267.328.433.2421.625.081.242.323.394754
Drury, Brandon +Yankees3B27.217.250.391.1851.800.148.222.333.333745
Sano, Miguel +Twins3B80.211.286.479.1882.267.100.400.288.425729
Bregman, Alex +Astros3B113.263.298.364.2301.385.124.124.354.319715
Sandoval, Pablo #Giants3B36.242.350.424.2221.750.083.333.306.389666
Lamb, Jake *Diamondbacks3B20.278.417.333.2501.200.100.300.350.300653
Franco, Maikel +Phillies3B72.250.269.406.2221.625.
Descalso, Daniel *Diamondbacks3B65.182.179.400.1542.
La Stella, Tommy *Cubs3B36.273.346.333.2501.
Longoria, Evan +Giants3B85.222.269.457.2122.
Duffy, Matt +Rays3B63.267.326.350.2541.313.048.206.302.333585
Davis, J.D. +Astros3B28.250.400.250.2141.000.143.321.357.214584
Cozart, Zack +Angels3B102.226.253.376.2061.667.
Seager, Kyle *Mariners3B97.225.246.393.2061.750.
Valbuena, Luis *Angels3B80.234.294.364.2251.556.
Cuthbert, Cheslor +Royals3B73.
Valencia, Danny +Orioles3B43.135.125.351.1162.600.
Spangenberg, Cory *Padres3B59.196.265.357.1861.818.034.339.220.339432
McMahon, Ryan *Rockies3B56.
Bote, David +Cubs3B5.200.500.400.2002.000.000.600.200.400304
Nunez, Renato +Rangers3B14.
Headley, Chase #Padres3B44.
Reynolds, Matt +Nationals3B13.

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