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Third Basemen Batting, 2016

2016 Major-League Third Basemen Batting-Performance Results, Sorted By Last Name

Through games of Tuesday, 4 October 2016.
All results are from true, unadjusted data.

Handedness Key:   + R   * L   # S

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Batters, listed in Last Name order, 2016 results:

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Each name is a click-on link to that man's career stats.
Arenado, Nolan +Rockies3B696.294.293.570.2611.934.098.148.359.5061174
Asuaje, Carlos *Padres3B25.
Beltre, Adrian +Rangers3B640.300.293.521.2731.737.075.103.348.4751073
Bregman, Alex +Astros3B217.264.317.478.2441.811.069.240.313.442815
Bryant, Kris +Cubs3B699.292.332.554.2521.898.107.220.359.4781240
Campbell, Eric +Mets3B88.
Candelario, Jeimer #Cubs3B14.
Carpenter, Matt *Cardinals3B563.271.307.505.2271.867.144.192.371.4251085
Castellanos, Nick +Tigers3B447.285.345.496.2621.744.063.248.324.456908
Chisenhall, Lonnie *Indians3B415.286.328.439.2651.536.055.169.320.407784
Cowart, Kaleb #Angels3B87.
Cuthbert, Cheslor +Royals3B509.274.320.413.2551.508.063.189.318.385714
Davidson, Matt +White Sox3B2.5001.000.500.5001.000.000.500.500.5001855
Dominguez, Matt +Blue Jays3B12.
Donaldson, Josh +Blue Jays3B698.284.300.549.2351.933.156.170.391.4541321
Dozier, Hunter +Royals3B21.211.364.263.1901.250.095.381.286.238402
Drury, Brandon +Diamondbacks3B499.282.327.458.2611.623.062.200.323.423815
Duffy, Matt +Rays3B80.276.317.355.2631.
Duffy, Matt +Astros3B3.
Duffy, Matt +Giants3B284.253.282.358.2291.415.
Escobar, Yunel +Angels3B564.304.339.391.2781.
Flores, Wilmer +Mets3B335.267.268.469.2451.756.069.143.313.430828
Franco, Maikel +Phillies3B630.255.271.427.2351.676.
Frazier, Todd +White Sox3B665.225.236.464.2002.
Freese, David +Pirates3B492.270.372.412.2401.525.091.289.331.366822
Garcia, Adonis +Braves3B563.273.308.406.2581.490.043.165.300.384683
Gillaspie, Conor *Giants3B205.262.278.440.2441.680.059.137.302.410751
Gosselin, Phil +Diamondbacks3B238.277.339.368.2561.328.063.193.319.340645
Harrison, Josh +Pirates3B518.283.323.388.2661.370.035.147.301.365647
Headley, Chase #Yankees3B529.251.303.383.2211.530.096.223.318.338712
Johnson, Chris +Marlins3B263.222.306.329.2051.481.
Lamb, Jake *Diamondbacks3B594.249.294.509.2192.
Lawrie, Brett +White Sox3B384.248.325.413.2271.667.078.284.305.378689
Longoria, Evan +Rays3B685.273.298.521.2531.908.061.210.314.482904
Lowrie, Jed #Athletics3B369.263.316.322.2411.
Machado, Manny +Orioles3B696.294.309.533.2701.814.069.172.339.4901026
Marte, Jefry +Angels3B284.252.267.481.2291.908.
McGehee, Casey +Tigers3B96.
Middlebrooks, Will +Brewers3B31.
Moran, Colin *Astros3B25.
Moustakas, Mike *Royals3B113.240.214.500.2212.
Nunez, Renato +Athletics3B15.
Olivera, Hector +Braves3B21.
Peralta, Jhonny +Cardinals3B313.260.294.408.2401.573.064.179.304.377667
Plouffe, Trevor +Twins3B343.260.284.420.2421.614.
Prado, Martin +Marlins3B658.305.331.417.2781.366.074.105.353.380835
Reynolds, Mark +Rockies3B441.282.361.450.2521.595.095.254.347.401900
Rivera, T.J. +Mets3B113.333.360.476.3101.429.027.150.336.442918
Romine, Andrew #Tigers3B191.236.291.322.2151.366.
Ruiz, Rio *Braves3B7.286.400.571.2862.
Saladino, Tyler +White Sox3B317.282.329.409.2651.452.041.196.306.385707
Sandoval, Pablo *Red Sox3B7.
Schimpf, Ryan *Padres3B330.217.260.533.1822.450.127.318.309.445982
Seager, Kyle *Mariners3B676.278.295.499.2461.795.102.160.348.4411023
Segedin, Rob +Dodgers3B83.233.294.370.2051.588.
Solarte, Yangervis #Padres3B443.286.306.467.2621.629.068.142.330.427877
Torreyes, Ronald +Yankees3B168.258.289.374.2381.450.
Turner, Justin +Dodgers3B622.275.293.493.2461.791.077.172.323.441920
Uribe, Juan +Indians3B259.206.227.332.1891.612.
Valbuena, Luis *Astros3B339.260.315.459.2241.763.130.239.354.395928
Valencia, Danny +Athletics3B517.287.346.446.2611.556.079.222.340.406881
White, Tyler +Astros3B276.217.258.378.1961.741.
Worth, Danny +Astros3B40.
Wright, David +Mets3B164.226.320.438.1891.935.159.335.348.366850

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