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The Owlcroft Baseball-Analysis Site

Baseball team and player performance examined realistically and accurately.

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“Chaos, illumined by flashes of lightning.”

– The Decay of Lying,
Oscar Wilde

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About This Site

First, hello, and thanks for stopping by.

The sentence in the heading box atop each page here says it all: baseball team and player performance examined realistically and accurately.

If you want to know in definite, meaningful numbers why each team is where it is in the standings, and how various players do or don’t help their team, this is the place to find out. Here we do not dispense opinions, or natter about “chemistry” and “momentum”: we leave that to the writers and sportscasters (who, through some miracle, manage to get paid for such nattering). Here, we apply on a daily basis the proven techniques of modern numerical baseball analysis to raw stats to generate meaningful interpretive measures of performance.

If you are already up to speed on what we do here and how and why, then you can just jump right into the daily results: use the orange “Teams” and the green “Players” drop-down menu boxes atop this page to find the displays you want. (The available displays are discussed farther down this page.)

(Right now, of course, all the results are the finals for the previous season, but fresh stats will start rolling in as soon as the coming season actually opens.)

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The Background Information Available Here

If, on the other hand, you are new to baseball analysis, or know something about it but not how we do it here, there are some pages you should read before jumping into those daily results. There is, at the top of this and every page of this site a complete Site Directory (the colored boxes), with pages grouped logically (we hope). And there is also a full Site-Search Engine up there.

For the newcomer here, we urgently recommend as a first step a reading of the following pages, preferably in the order shown here:

(These are the pages in the red Background drop-down menu block at the top of this and every page.)

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The Daily Stats Presented Here

There is a huge amount of daily-updated data presented on over fifteen hundred pages on this site. Here is a guide to what we have for you. We hope that the drop-down menus atop each page are clear enough to guide you, but the material below fleshes out the necessarily short menu tags.

Team-Oriented Data

There are three team-level data pages plus four sets of 30 individual team pages. Those various pages are:

(These are the pages in the orange Teams drop-down menu block at the top of this and every page.)

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Player-Oriented Data

There are eight sets of pages each for batters and for pitchers. Those include listings, both current-season and career, by name, by position played, by performance, by performance per position played, and more; check out the various descriptions below for the full panoply.

In addition, there is a large set of individual one-man data pages; those are not listed in the menus (or here), but you can get to any man’s page from links in any tabulation page that includes that man (the all-batters page necessarily includes all men, but there are—as you will see below—many other pages also listing men).

(These are the pages in the green Players drop-down menu block at the top of this and every page.)

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Some Other Matters

More Useful Information

In addition to the key pages listed above, there are some others (besides, of course, the actual daily-results pages), and we hope that you will look these over as well:

(These are the pages in the purple Miscellaneous drop-down menu block at the top of this and every page.)

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Baseball Books

We have compiled what we hope is a sound guide to some of the most important books available for the reader interested in modern baseball analysis, plus a few of a more general nature—but we tried to keep the list to books that offer some significant insight into the game and its workings. Those books are listed on our Selected Baseball Books page here; but we also have a page about Buying Books On Line, with a lot of interesting material (such as the criteria for labelling the condition of used books). The Selected Baseball Books page not only lists our recommended books, it provides links whereby you may see the offerings, used and (when applicable) new, and their prices, and even allows you to buy them, direct from ABEbooks. (Full disclosure: we are an ABEbooks affiliate, and would get some pittance if you do buy anything through our links).

(These are the pages in the brown Books drop-down menu block at the top of this and every page.)

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